ND Filters and Signing Prints [Tripod 12]

10stop ND filters and Signing your Prints.

Dave Coulter: I hope sometime you discuss 10 stop ND filters. I really love the effects it produces on water with long exposure. I've watched dozens of videos on YouTube and I guess if I'm going to buy them, I may as well buy Lee branded filters and probably the 100×100 size. I certainly can't afford the Singh Ray. Buy it right the 1st time right?

You get what you pay for; buy the best filters your budget will allow. All filters will have some sort of color cast.

Pete Lagregor: For those of you that sell landscape prints, do you put any kind of indication on the photo to identify yourself?

Majeed: doesn’t sign on the front, doesn’t like the distraction

Jim: Signs on the front, recommends _____ pens

Nick: Digital watermarking

Jeff Harmon: Do you ever nip and tuck your landscapes?

Nick uses free transform in photoshop to help offset the effect of a wide angle lens.

Phil Rocuzzo: I have a question for the group regarding hanging your landscape photos in business locations. I know Nick has spoken about this on other podcasts. I have a potential opportunity to hang my photos at a local gym and I'm not sure how this works. Does the business owner take a percent of the sale? Do they manage the sale? Or are they just happy to have nice prints hanging in their place for free? Do you give the interested party the print off the wall or print a new copy for that person? If the business takes a percentage what is a reasonable percentage to offer?

Nick: Every place you want to sell your at may have different rules. Some places just want pretty images on the wall and will not collect commission. Some places will charge between 15-30%. Nick has found success in a winery setting. Clientele would like to take something home with them. The tourist is more likely to buy than locals, which depicts the area they’re visiting.
Pete Lagregor: Does anyone use frequency separation techniques on their landscapes?

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  1. I just tried the free transform warp feature, as Nick mentioned, on a picture I took in Yellowstone last summer. It worked well. I applied the transform on a layer copy and then did a layer mask on the layer above that and revealed just the warped mountain range, without disturbing the beautiful sunset sky above it. It worked like a charm! Thanks for the great tip.

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