Photography Tips and Tricks [IP 153]

On this episode, Jim talks about his photography bucket list, Nick talks about choosing a good tripod, and Jeff discusses winter photography and photographing a family.

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4 thoughts on “Photography Tips and Tricks [IP 153]”

  1. Hey guys,

    I had a listen to some of your latest podcast on my way to work this morning and wanted to complicate Nick’s decision regarding his search for a tripod even further.

    I managed to get my hands on a “Rick” for a good price recently and I love the tripod. What I did want to mention though was that you can actually remove the centre column from the tripod and screw the mounting plate that holds the ball-head directly to the tripod itself.

    You do lose some height but if you go for something like the “Brian” the max height without the column seems to be around 50 inches.

    Good hunting 🙂

  2. I have a photog “tip and trick” for all of you –I know Jim, in particular, has knocked incorporating the iPad Pro into his workflow… but I have 2 things I’d like for all of you to consider. Firstly, you all have expressed dismay at Adobe’s mobile apps; well, they’ve all improved, LR Mobile especially, and that app alone saves me hours in front of my iMac.

    However, there is one app that that I urge you all to take a look at, in conjunction with the iPad Pro, Astropad. This app coupled with the iPad Pro equals pure WIN. I know this is an over used expression, but Astropad + iPad Pro = game changer.

    So unless you relish sitting for hours in front of your desk, mousing and click, take another look at iPad Pro w/Pencil plus Astropad I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey

    When you would a freaky tripod you should take a look at berlebach. They make wooden tripods and are well known in europe.

    To the problems with the flash i can only say you shoud have purchased the lightroom steal with the flash training (;

  4. You guys shouldn’t knock geared center columns. They belong in the same bag of the photographer who uses geared tripod heads. They allow precise positioning of the camera relative to the object being photographed. Very useful for photographing objects such as art, etc.

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