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  1. Hi.
    One way, to move your files from 1 system to another, is to use a free program called bittorrent sync.
    I use this to keep all my image files, my catalog and my even my previews synced between my 2 mac systems. (works on Windows also).
    If I build a new system or I am moving to a new computer, I simply add the sync’d folder to my system and when it has been sync’d up, I simply install Lightroom.
    The final part is to then copy the com.adobe.Lightroom6.plist file from Library/Preferences under the users home folder to the same location on the new system (not sure of the Windows file is).
    Because I choose to “Keep presets with Catalog” in Lightroom, everything I need is always kept up to sync and also a new system is setup just as i want it, in no time at all.
    I have even left Lr open on 2 PCs at the same time and although Lr was freezing both systems stayed up to date. I couldn’t believe it. Lr just kept re-reading the catalog.
    I don’t advocate this though. Please don’t try it.

    I also use Bittorrent sync to keep my files sync’d to multiple locations as offsite backups.
    BTSync works better than dropbox or gdrive as it never seems to get a sync conflict, the syncs are extremely quick (both WAN and on LAN), its free for what you need.
    I tried dropbox, then gdrive and finally BTSync. I did this because dropbox and gdrive had too many conflicts, also they are pricey.
    I hope this helps. I have no affiliation with BTSync, I just thought it might be something good for people to know.

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