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Erin Babnik: The undisputed queen of landscape photography

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This week we have special guest Erin Babnik on the show. Majeed, Nick and Erin discuss the current trends in nature photography. Are they here to stay, or will we someday look back on these techniques and wonder, “what was I thinking”? In the show we discuss techniques like focus stacking, perspective and focal blending, as well as post processing techniques like “light bleed” “Orton effect” and HDR. Erin’s amazing work can be found on her  Website, on Facebook, or on Twitter 


here are a few examples of her work!

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  1. Tripod podcast is what I’ve been waiting for, super job by IMPROVE team again. Fantastic info for us hobbyists. One suggestion is when you have such an outstanding guest, please let her talk more ? I have heard from Majid, Jeff, Nick these guys a lot about their opinions, they were all great..but however…let the guest express their opinion on the big picture and what makes them so unique, i.e. experiences, techniques and all…Enjoyed this podcast a lot, thanks.

  2. you guys mentioned linking to a article Erin wrote (her favorite). I cant seem to find a link anywhere, either within the notes within the podcast directly or here on the IP website.
    Any help?
    Am i missing somerhing?

    BTW – This gas happened w/ each podcast…

  3. I wait impatiently each week to hear Tripod. I neve fail to learn something. I hope to meet you all at an IP trip soon!!

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