Tips for Better Indoor Image Making [PS 37]

Nick & Erica gather to provide us the best possible tips for dealing with cold weather.  Those in the Southern Hemisphere keep this in your back pocket for help making the best images behind closed doors. The two conquer listener questions pertaining to shooting with an assistant & dealing with unflattering natural light.

What's in this episode:

  • How to make indoor photos not suck.
  • Shooting next to windows & not mixing color temperatures can make a world of difference.
  • Utilize as much natural light as possible & embrace the darkness.
  • Keep it simple & keep it cozy.
  • Let your creative flag fly.
  • Aim for candid moments & avoid getting the cheezy “smile for the camera” shots.
  • Focus on ‘storytelling' & set the expectations for a ‘lifestyle' look.
  • Investigate what is important to the clients.
  • Do not be afraid to adjust the physical scene.
  • Aaron Taylor asks about the need or use case of assistants when using flash setups.
  • Rob Morris is looking for tips on shooting a really rustic, dingy, but renovated historical wedding venue.  – What to do when the light is not on his side.
  • Nick Page learns a valuable lesson on how to work with men with bald spots.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Improve Photography's Portfolio Reviews – (Get MEANINGFUL Feedback on your best photos!)
  • Lens Finder – (Check out this powerful tool created by Improve Photography's very own Jim Harmer!)
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