Celebrate Photography!

Today we have some big news around ImprovePhotography.com.  Actually… several of them.

$15 off my online photography classes

Celebrate Pinterest!

THANK YOU to those who have shared these articles on Pinterest.  On Monday, we were on the front page of Pinterest (front when not signed in), and it brought more than 33 THOUSAND people to the website.  I am very grateful for all your support in sharing these articles to the photography world at large.  By the way, I've joined the Pinterest crowd, so be sure to follow me so I can follow you back and see your pins.

Funny photographer
It's days like this that make me want to slick back my lovely locks into a pony tail, put a couple speedlights on my head, and strap lenses to my eyes. It's time to celebrate photography!

Celebrate Facebook!

Today, we are poised to hit 25,000 fans on our Facebook Fan Page.  I am very grateful to Ed Cord, Amanda Tucker, Craig Larson, Adam Agushi, Joy Foust, Jan Patton-Williams, Billie Brazil, and many many others who are active members of that community.  I am saddened that Facebook's new timeline design makes it difficult to see the photography questions and answers that are constantly going on there, but you can see the conversation more easily by clicking on any of the small comments in the “Recent posts by others” box on the middle toward the right hand side of that page.  And if you haven't yet joined our awesome Facebook community, you're totally missing out on some great photo talk.

Oh, and we're about to hit 3 MILLION page views!  The site was released on February 17, 2011 and I have been amazed at the overwhelming support by all of you.  THANK YOU!

Celebrate Photoshop CS6!

Yep, Cs6.  Not a typo anymore.  Photoshop CS6 Beta was released late last night.  The features in this new version seem to be a pretty dramatic improvement over CS5.  This is the public beta, so you can download Photoshop CS6 for free and use it until the program is ready for release in the market.

Here are some of the improvements in this version:

  • Pretty incredible video features.  You can now totally edit a video in Photoshop.  We think this is weird since Adobe makes Premiere, which is a video editing program, but I suppose it's handy for those who don't own both programs.  I guess I'd like to see Adobe focus itself on Photoshop being a tool for Photography and graphic design rather than mixing in the video guys as well.
  • An overhauled camera raw module.  Camera raw is probably the most important set of tools in Photoshop for photographers, and it got a major overhaul.  The two best improvements here are the shadow and highlight sliders borrowed from Lightroom 4, and the improved clarity slider (which was mostly useless in previous versions unless you like super dark wrinkles on your model's face).
  • Better 3d tools.
  • Redesigned UI (that means user interface for those non-geeks).  Basically, the interface went dark.  The darker background makes photos look prettier, but I'm concerned that it will trick photographers into thinking their photo is darker than it really is.  I'll have to get used to it, but it is very Photoshop Elements-esque.

Celebrate a Free Lesson from The Online Beginning Photography Class

When I released the Online Portrait Photography Class in August 2011, I also put out one of the videos from that class for free.  I have yet to do that with the beginning photography class until today.  The video below is just a sample of the lessons you get emailed to you every day for 30 days in the beginning photography class. Also, you'll have access to ask me and Dustin questions at ANY time during the class, and be able to get photo critiques of your work any time you want.

To get a whole month's worth of video lessons and access to ask your questions to professional photographers for 30 days, I've gotta say this is the best deal in the photography world (if I do say so myself).

Celebrate Making Money With Your Photography

Two weeks ago, I released my new website on Becoming a Pro Photographer.  The website is still getting content added to it, but there are already some great resources on that site for learning to earn money with your photography.  Also, we do a live webinar every Tuesday evening at 9PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6PM Pacific time.  Check out the new site and see recordings of the previous shows here.  This coming Tuesday, I'll be joined by special guest Rosh Sillars.

Celebrate the International Day of the Seal

Again, not kidding.  Today is the international day of the seal.  May those cute little seal pups warm your heart on this momentous day.

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  1. I would love to take both classes but I’m thinking that would be a lot. are you going to offer the Portrait photography again soon? if not how can I take both classes???

  2. Congratulations!! So much to celebrate today!! I think I’m going to sign up for your Beginner Course. I already took the Portrait course and I LOVED it! I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a beginner – but I love learning more from whatever source I can. $15 off is such a great deal – I think I may do it anyway.

  3. I’d like to use the coupon for your photoshop class, but I see it isn’t offered yet. When will that be available and can I still use the coupon for it?
    Congratulations on both websites. A friend recommended them to me and I have not been dissapointed. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us!

  4. Will you be setting up a feed for Becoming a Pro Photographer? I’d really like to subscribe, but can’t right now.

  5. well, if THAT doesn’t just take the cake! I literally just finished signing up for the Beginning Photography class using my newsletter10 $10 off coupon. I used the link to your website that came in the ‘welcome’ email. After registering, I came on the website & see I could have gotten $15 discount. Is that Murphy’s Law??

  6. Heya i will be for the first time here. I came across this board and i also believe it is really useful & it solved the problem out much. I am hoping to provide something back and aid others as if you helped me.

  7. I signed up for the May class before reading this post so I missed the discount however that is not why I am writing.

    I did not receive the email with lesson from #6 yesterday. How do I get that lesson

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