2 thoughts on “Photo Taco – Adding Photo Mechanic to Your Workflow”

  1. Instead of Photo Mechanics, I’d recommend “Raw Right Away” on a Mac to cull images. $5 in the Mac App Store.

  2. I’ve been using Photo Mechanic since before Lightroom was launched. It’s brilliantly fast because it uses the embedded jpeg preview built into every Raw file to show your images. I’d like to make one comment on the podcast – importing images from PM to LR isn’t any faster! It just takes less time because you’re only importing the keepers.
    An additional advantage to using PM: Sometimes at a wedding I’m asked to present a slideshow during the evening. Using PM I can import and select the photos and then output the chosen images as jpegs! It does this super fast because it’s using the existing jpeg previews of the Raw files. Super fast as in a hundred images in a second or so! I can then input them into my favourite slideshow software (although in fact PM can produce a very basic slideshow on it’s own.)

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