Are Canon & Nikon In Trouble? [IP 146]

Jim, Nick, Darin, & Jeff gather to predict the Canon & Nikon’s fate. Nick tells the tale of shooting his first NFL (Pro American Football) game with Brian McGuckin.  Darin discusses importance of time lapse while Jeff announces it is almost safe to upgrade to to Windows 10 or El Capitan.

What's in this episode:

  • A discussion about Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, & other camera manufacturers' futures.
  • Where the four of us think the camera industry will be in five years.
  • Nick's adventure shooting the Detroit Lions & Chicago Bears with Brian McGuckin.
  • Darin talks about the importance of time lapse photography & how they can be put together using Photoshop.
  • Jim hits on some good points regarding Drone Photography & offers a template to help you register your unmanned aerial vehicle(s).
  • Jeff signals it will soon be safe for photographers to upgrade to Windows 10 and/or El Capitan.
  • Nick basks in Jim conceding editing White Balance is indeed better with RAW files over JPEGs.
  • Burracy will not stop Improve Photography from going on its workshops. – Tune in to find out more.

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6 thoughts on “Are Canon & Nikon In Trouble? [IP 146]”

  1. Hi Guys, great podcast, thank you!!

    Just a couple of thoughts regarding this discussion.
    Saying Canon (and perhaps others) are so far behind is not too relevant in my view.
    The fact that we have competition in the sensor market ensures that we will continue to see innovation, the day everyone bays form Sony (or someone else) this will come to a standstill.
    Personally, I hate the very frequent model changes. My film camera lasted forever!
    I would much rather buy something that is reliable (and fairly upto date when it comes out) but then is well built to last 4-5 years at least. The move to digital has been great, but this “chase the next thing” chaos was foreseeable. At least we can keep our lenses. (until they find a way to screw us over there too)
    In the first years of digital there was a need for fast progress but now that is no longer the case. We see excellent Photos every day, taken with cruddy cameras..
    I am sure Canon has been working hard to surprise us with something that will compete with others on the market, be it mirrorless or not. If that takes them another 2-3 years, I personally don’t care. I think I even take at least a few nice pics with my (to be updated) xti!
    In the case of Sony, if others rely on their sensors, as Sony cameras get more popular and their eco system more rounded, it is likely that the latest and greatest sensors won’t be sold to competitors. At that point these companies will struggle to start their own development from scratch.
    Also this division is tiny in the case of Sony, it may be a big company but has been close to serious trouble before.
    of course I would love to see a full frame version of the 7d mk2 with the best sensor and preferably under usd 1000, but that isn’t going to happen.
    So instead of wasting time chasing the ultimate and changing complete systems, I would rather see occasional upgrades and focus on the photos;)

    really enjoy all your podcasts! Many thanks!!

  2. I agree. Canon using Sony sensors would be a horrible idea. Competition is important to drive the technology forward. I feel like Nikon switching to Sony sensors is the beginning to “Dell” themselves. Dell was a major playing in personal computers, but then one day they decided to outsource their motherboards to a nobody company called ASUS because ASUS could do it cheaper and could just let go of the useless motherboard manufacturing part of their company. Well… slowly ASUS started making more and more parts until they pulled the switch and started selling computers under their own brand, and Dell no longer had the capability to make their own computers. Dell is just a footnote now in the home computer space.

    With Nikon and Sony, Sony isn’t just some nobody sensor company… Sony is *already* making their own cameras, is a monster company, and has a lot of brand recognition in all kinds of spaces. This is probably my ignorance and inexperience with how much better those sensors are, but if I heard that Canon was switching to Sony sensors as a permanent thing (and not a one generation of cameras type of deal), that would concern me.

  3. Unless I am missing something there is no (obvious ) way to download the audio to my computer? I was clicking and right click away to no avail…. I ended up viewing the source code, doing a find on page for “mp3” then copying and pasting the resulting url into a new tabs address bar in order to get a download to occur. I recall having issues with figuring this out previously. Granted I have the previous episode downloaded but I will be darned if I know how I did it the 🙂 Love the cast!

  4. I listened to the new podcast Tripod and thought it was great. Many useful tools and the discussion is right in line with what landscape photographers are looking for. Is there a place to locate the show notes in order to see the listing of the various products mentioned on the show?

  5. When making the time lapse video, about how many pictures should you have? I would like to try making one.

  6. Nick, Thank you for sticking up for the big two cameras. If the show had turned into a how great Sony is, I would have just moved on to the next pod cast. New technology has all the same phases. When PC first came out, they were just for the geeks. They were not very good and they were expensive. As companies jumped in the band wagon, the changes were fast and if you did not upgrade you PC every couple of years, you had a Dinosaur. Now a PC is good for 4 or 5 years and there is not much in the way of excitement from those devices. We had the same craze with cell phone. We are just now getting to the end where you can keep a phone more than two years and you don’t have a brick. Digital cameras are in the same boat and Sony is the latest to jump on the DSLR bandwagon. I heard Jim bag on Canon for taking over 1000 days to bring out the next 5D. It is coming soon. The fact is the top of the line Canon and Nikon cameras do not sell that many units compared to iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy cell phones. It just is not cost effective to produce these cameras as soon as Jim would like to see them with everything from Bluetooth to NFC.

    Thanks for the great pod cast. Keep up the good work.

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