HUGE Listener Q&A Part II [IP 142]

In IP Roundtable Podcast by Darin Mellor

Jim, Jeff, & Majeed help you take on boredom by answering interesting listener questions we were not able to get to last week! Majeed is joining us from a new Nature & Landscape Photography Podcast coming to the Improve Photography Network soon!

What's in this episode:

  • Brett Lubcke aims to put a realistic full-size print to cover a door inviting someone to step into it. – What focal length does the crew recommend?
  • Tony Perea wants to know how crop sensors impact aperture and depth of field when compared to a full frame camera.
  • Gordon Jackson is looking for the best ways to organize landscape photos in Lightroom.
  • Thijs van Gennip seeks out the best tips to photograph mushrooms.
  • Katie Shipley is looking for the use case of small softboxes & light stands for enhancing her natural light portraits.
  • Joshua Fahning wants tips for shooting ultra wide angle lenses on both crop sensor and full frame cameras.
  • Jim helps Ketill Antonius Agustsson with online storage options & touches upon 3, 2, 1 backups. – Check out Jeff's Article on Storage Workflow!
  • Jeff answers Dennis Halmar's question about whether it is safe to update to Windows 10 as of yet.
  • The three weigh in on Katie Shipley's question about shooting 1/focal length for telephoto/zoom lenses.
  • David S. Davis wants us to know who our biggest influences are in photography.
  • Alan Paone wants to know if Photomechanic is the only solution for a RAW processor for his Fuji camera.
  • Majeed helps Robin Hoff Kaspar with Soft Proofing in Lightroom.
  • Justin Zaffarese wants to know if Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM II with an adapter is a good choice for his Nikon.
  • Lizzy Mitchell is seeing color noise.  – Jeff to the rescue!
  • Michelle Nolan wants gear recommendations on kneepads, a hat that does not get in the way of her viewfinder & shoes that are versatile for many types of shoots.
  • Vince Yamashiroya has a smorgasbord of questions & Jeff assists with the one regarding working on multiple Lightroom Catalogs on a laptop & a desktop.
  •  Margaret-Margo Winter Smith wants to know if it is safe to move over to Lightroom 6/CC.

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About the Author

Darin Mellor

Darin Mellor is an independent contractor for Improve Photography, cohost of the popular Improve Photography Podcast, world traveler, and aspiring to be as big of a photography geek as Jim Harmer.