Recovering w/ Grace [PS 15]

Darin, Erica, & Nick discuss how they bounce back when something goes wrong during a photo shoot.  The three also offer tips & tricks to help prevent any issues on location.

What's in this episode:

  • What do do when the unexpected happens.
  • How Darin & his Dad recovered when their large shoot-through umbrella fell to its demise.
  • A clear umbrella saves the day for Erica Kay. – And most importantly, her bride!
  • Securing flashes to the flash bracket so they do not fall into rivers.
  • What to do when you left your memory cards at home.
  • Gravity & Wedding Rings. – Is this story about Nick Page?
  • Guests knocking over light stands at receptions & flashes falling out of the sky.
  • Looking chipper when your 24-70mm lens falls off a ledge onto concrete.
  • The trusty camera store sold me a flash for Nikon when I shoot Canon. – What to do?
  • Keeping a spare/emergency SD Card in the glovebox of your vehicle. – Nick's lesson learned.
  • Carrying a white sheet or blanket to protect your bride's dress. – Erica's lesson learned.
  • Do not order products until your clients have given you some form of payment. – Darin's lesson learned.

Prism-Earrings---Erica-Kay-Photography (Erica getting creative using a prism!)

Resources Mentioned:

  • Using Prisms to get a really creative shot! – Erica's 3-Minute Review.
  • Expodisc's results reviewed. – Nick's 3-Minute Review to really stick it to Jim.
  • Using sandbags to hold your light stand in place. Fill them with rocks instead of sand to prevent spills. – Darin's 3- Minute Review.


2 thoughts on “Recovering w/ Grace [PS 15]”

  1. Loved this episode! It’s great hearing that not only are you guys all amazing, but you are real people too who suffer from mishaps. Great hearing how to nicely recover from things that could go wrong. Great idea for the sandbags too, I think i’ll buy a bag or two of fish tank pebbles or something instead of sand.
    — quick question, is there no place to submit my review of the portfolio review? I am very pleased and happy that I finally jumped on board and purchased a review but I don’t see anywhere to submit a comment.

    Are the comment threads a new layout? Disappointing having to log in to submit a comment now… maybe it is just because I’m on a different computer than usual.

    1. Erika,

      Portrait Sessions is rockin’ for sure. So glad you are listening to the podcasts on the Improve Photography network. We’d love to have you comment about your experience with the portfolio reviews at the page where you sign up for them here.

      Unfortunately we had a technical problem with the way we were determining that you are a human and not one of those awful Internet crawling robots looking to post ads and/or malware to websites and for now have to ask people to register. We are looking into options to make it easier, so stick with us.


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