Nothing is more frustrating to a photographer than posting a photo online and not getting any meaningful or helpful feedback from other photographers.  You want to improve, but without any direction, it can be frustrating.

Getting an online portfolio review is probably the quickest and surest way to improve your photography.  In just a couple minutes, you can easily upload your best photos to us along with some information about you.  One of the knowledgeable photographers at Improve Photography will carefully look over each of the photos you submit, and make an audio recording as he or she looks over each one of your photos and provides helpful insight.

This service is not just for the advanced photographers–beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers can all benefit from a portfolio review.  The real purpose is to show you where you are, and where to go to learn the next step so that you can continue to improve.  We get portfolios from pros and beginners alike every day.

In addition to critiquing the individual photos, the reviewer will tell you what skill level he or she feels that you are currently at so you can track your progress over time, and point you to where you can go to learn the skills you need to work on next.

NOTE: Improve Photography does not accept nude or semi-nude photos in portfolio reviews.  Everything Improve Photography does is family-friendly.

Buy now and you can upload your photos for the review any time, from any computer, at your convenience–no rush.
Since you're visiting from a mobile device, we'll send you an email after purchase so you can more conveniently upload your photos and information from a computer at your convenience–no rush.

Basic Review


  • 7 photos
  • Get an audio mp3 file with your reviewer's critique
  • We'll select one of our knowledgeable reviewers
  • 7 day turnaround
  • 1 reviewer
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  • 14 photos
  • Get two audio mp3 files with your reviewers' critiques
  • You can pick your reviewers
  • 5 days or less turnaround time
  • 2 reviewers and two audio feedback files
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NOTE: Improve Photography does not accept nude or semi-nude photos in portfolio reviews.  Everything Improve Photography does is family-friendly.

Our Reviewers

After purchase we'll ask you a few questions about you and your photography.  We'll match you up with a reviewer that best matches your genre of photography and skill level so your critique is as helpful as possible.  We want you to LOVE your review!

 Jim Harmer

jim-harmerJim Harmer founded ImprovePhotography.com, hosts the popular Improve Photography Podcast, has written multiple photography eBooks, and created 7 photography courses.  He is primarily a nature photographer, but his diverse interests and world travels lead him to photograph a wide variety of subjects.

Jim's photos have been published by traditional publishers such as Reader's Digest, Time, Nikon USA, and others.  Jim was recently ranked in the top 20 of photographers in the USA, and #35 in the world.  You can see Jim's portfolio here.


Erica Kay

erica-coffmanErica Coffman is a full-time professional photographer from Columbus, Ohio, USA.  She photographs over 30 high-end weddings per year in addition to a variety of other portrait work.  She is co-host of the soon-to-be-launched show “Portrait Session” on the Improve Photography Network.

Aside from her successful portrait photography business, Erica donates her time to an organization which benefits AIDS orphans in southern Africa.  Erica has photographed on 5 continents and visited 35 states.

Oh, and Nick Page readily admits that Erica intimidates him 🙂  Check out more of her work at uacreativephoto.com

Nick Page

nick-pageNick Page is a full-time professional photographer living in Dayton, Washington, USA.   Nick has a wide variety of photographic interests.  He shoots weddings, landscapes, fine art, senior portraits, babies, sports, families, night photography, architectural photography… you name it.

Nick is co-host of the soon-to-be-launched show “Portrait Session” on the Improve Photography Network.

Oh, and his goatee is the approximate length of a 70-200mm lens… just in case you were wondering.

What's a Review Like?

More than anything else, the feedback that we get from our students is that they want honesty!  They certainly don't want to be chewed up and spit out, but they don't just want a pat on the back.  Our students have consistently asked for actionable tips and things to work on, and things to improve.

We heard you!

We structure our reviews to ensure that you don't get the generic “Nice photo” advice that you've heard a thousand times.  This is how our reviews go:

  1. A photo-by-photo review.  On each photo we'll give a knee-jerk reaction of the impact of the photo, any technical problems such as sharpness, lighting, etc.
  2. Your reviewer's favorite photo out of your portfolio.
  3. Your reviewer's least favorite photo out of the portfolio and why.
  4. Three specific things to work on to improve, along with which is most important.
  5. Where you can go to learn the techniques you need to work on.
  6. Placement in one of our photography skill levels, so you can track your progress over time.

The audio file you'll receive from your reviewer is typically 8-12 minutes long (depending on how many photos you submit and other factors), since the reviewer spends time looking through and sorting the photos beforehand.

How This Works

After purchase you'll be taken to a page where you can upload your photos and information about you.  

Since you're visiting from a mobile device, we'll send you an email after purchase that you can more conveniently upload your photos and information from a computer if you wish.
 You don't have to send in your photos immediately–you can take your time.

Once we receive your information, we'll assign the best reviewer for your situation based on the type of photography you do, and the skill level you are at.  Your reviewer(s) will put together your review within the timeframe allotted (not including weekends or major US holidays).  The review will be emailed to you with an attached mp3 file which contains your reviewer's feedback.

Is This Real?!

Few sites even offer online portfolio reviews, and those that do often charge triple or quadruple the price.

One of the goals we set at Improve Photography in 2015 is to offer the kind of photography help that no other sites are willing to, and to do it at ridiculously awesome prices.  This starts with our completely free photography workshops that we're doing all over the world, and extends to our free daily articles and free podcasts.

Very few websites offer any kind of one-on-one help because they have millions of visitors (like we do), and are unwilling to put in the time to help individuals.  Since we've been doing these portfolio reviews for several years with our online photography class students, we've developed a process to make this go smoothly for each customer, and we're willing to put in the time to help.

Which Review Should I Purchase?

Honestly, I'd pick the basic review.  If you're unsure of how much feedback you need, the basic review is a great value.  Having reviewed thousands of portfolios, I can tell you that the feedback starts to get repetitive as you look at more photos.  A good reviewer can easily provide meaningful feedback after just looking at 5 photos.

If later you crave a little more feedback–no problem!  You can spend a couple months working on implementing the feedback and then come back for another review.



  1. Erica provided my portfolio review…… Again i want to say a massive thank you. The review was insightful, structured and inspiring.
    It’s given me the confidence to believe in my photography and know that i’m heading in the right direction.
    The advice provided will prove very helpful in my future photography projects.
    I highly recommend the service.

    1. Author

      Glad you liked it, Mike. Erica is an INCREDIBLE portrait photographer. We’re lucky to have her as a reviewer.

  2. What an amazing service at such a great price, you guys are awesome! What would you say to the hobbyist photographers who want to improve and know where they need to improve but are still timid about getting an honest review? I think some people (ok I mean me) take it too personally and would be crushed at negative comments even if it is contrive and helpful.
    I’m waiting for the new portrait class I heard you’re working on and think I’ll definitely be giving this review service a try soon too (maybe I’ll do it as a birthday present to myself next month)!

    I can’t wait for Darin’s new portrait podcast – super excited about this!

    1. Author

      Hey Erika – I DEFINITELY understand about feeling intimidated, but I haven’t had even one person show any sign of getting their feelings hurt after doing THOUSANDS of portfolio reviews. Not even once.

      It’s normal to feel a little nervous about showing your work, but we’re always EXTREMELY careful to be positive. We even ask you when you submit your photos how critical you’d like the comments to be.

      Our goal is to build people’s confidence through the reviews, while offering HELPFUL suggestions of things to learn in order to improve.

  3. Darin,

    Thank you for the review of my portfolio which I found extremely useful and insightful. You raised a few issues I’d already highlighted but more importantly gave me a fresh critique which you just don’t get on Pixoto, 500px, Flickr etc. Overall I think that this represented excellent value-for-money and for the price of a few of the monthly photography magazines has given me the kind of personal feedback we all crave. Plus your recommendation for a camera body could well save me £1000!!! You just can’t ask for better service!

    For those of you wondering should I do this I would answer a resounding yes. But to get the most out of it be prepared to accept real positive critique and let the team what it is you want to know. I found providing them with a brief history of each photo (when in your photography career, what preparation you took etc) helped focus the feedback.

    Finally, Darin, the castle ruin you were struggling to say is pronounced “Done-stun-bruh”

  4. Hi Nick,

    Thank you so much for the review of my portfolio! I certainly learnt a lot from the review and I’m looking forward to taking your suggestions and advice forward (and even reprocessing a few pics based on your guidance). This is a fabulous service at a great price and frankly one that I will want to do again at some future point. (So Nick you haven’t heard the last of me!) In the meantime, I certainly will be a continued podcast listener and regular visitor to the website looking for more great things. Thank you again, Nick — it was a great experience! Cindy

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment, Cindy. I’m glad you loved your review with Nick. Nick always does a great job at focusing on the fundamentals in his reviews. We’re lucky to have him as a reviewer.

  5. Jim,
    Thank you for all you do for us beginners. We struggle with doubt and ignorance as we strive just understand, let alone accomplish photography. You make your knowledge, expertise, & products accessible to those of us who normally wouldn’t be able to.
    Thanks Jim

  6. I really want to purchase a review. I am torn as to what I should share. My best photos or my typical photo (with the best of intentions). I am an amateur who has no intention of being a professional, at least at this time of my life. At the moment I just want beautiful photos of my family and our lives together.

  7. Just to say a big thanks to Erica for an honest, open and extremely helpful review which has given me plenty to think about. She listed three points I need to work on that I hadn’t really considered and my drive now is to improve these areas and get to the next level. I was really apprehensive about submitting photo’s but to hear the review made it so worthwhile. Great value, thanks so much I will be submitting a better portfolio in the future, thanks to Erica.

  8. I have a question concerning the review. I am an amateur photographer, at best, and know a lot of my limitations. Having said that, I would like some professional feedback beyond what my professional photographer friend have given me, since I feel there is some bias based on friendship. I generally shoot in Raw format, but will use Lightroom to edit the photographs a little, and export as a JPEG. Which format is better to send in to be reviewed, the original Raw photo or the lightly edited JPEG?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Author

      Hey Andrew, I would definitely send in the JPG after editing. Seeing how you edit the photo is another thing that we’ll be able to help you with if you include that.

  9. I want to put my portfolio together in the correct format before I purchase a review. How should I do that? Full res jpg? 300PPI? 85% compression?

  10. I just got my review back from Erica. About half way through I was starting to see the issue before I heard it from Erica. I could certainly see the issues she was pointing out. I plan to work on those for at least 3 months maybe 6 and submit a new portfolio. Erica, Thank you SO much.. I think this was really helpful!

  11. Awesome review Darin, very honest and positive feedback. I put a few good and some ok photos in my review (not all my best) because I wanted to see if I could get some honest feedback on where to improve upon them. Darin placed me exactly where I felt my skill level was… level 4. I know I still have work to do, but seeing how four short years ago I was at level one or even level zero (I was awful!) my growth as a photographer has been fairly quick. My post processing is where I need to focus next, so next winter I will be signing on for the LR class. Thanks IP, for helping me to grow and provide resources at at reasonable price.

  12. Found this service after listening to a recent Improve podcast and thought I’d give it a go. As a hobbyist it’s the first time I’ve asked for an expert’s critique of my images. Have to say I was both surprised and pleased! When you submit you get the option to ask for several levels of criticism – from “mostly positive” to “brutally honest”. I bit the bullet and asked for the latter. What I got back from Nick was delightful!

    I sent in 14 shots – a perfect number in that I could choose a couple macros, a couple landscapes, a couple portraits, etc. I also sent in photos I took last week on a D810 and one I took in 2003 on a point and shoot. So images covering a broad range of gear and of my experience as a photographer.

    I’d asked for a critique not so much on technical issues (how to post-process) and more on artistry/composition/creativeness. Nick chose to ignore my request and gave me feedback on both – all of it invaluable. Two things amazed me – one, how he immediately saw the flaws (some minor, some major) that I knew were there. And two, how he saw flaws (some minor, some major) that I had not seen at all.

    After listening to his thoughts I went back into Lightroom and tried the changes he suggested. Darn it if he wasn’t spot on. I asked my wife for a second opinion and she agreed – the changes Nick suggested were significantly better than my original efforts.

    I’ve been shooting seriously for several years now and my friends and family always tell me I am a “superb photographer”. I know better. While I learning, I am still my biggest critic. Now I have confirmation from a fellow photographer that I am doing some things well, and guidance on where to focus my efforts next…

    Thanks, Nick.

    1. Author

      @Tomswallpapers – Sweet! Can’t wait to see your portfolio.

  13. Had a great experience with my portfolio review by Erica. She was spot on, and made some great, tangible suggestions on improvement. I took the liberty of blogging about it on my website (click my name to go there).

    If you haven’t done it yet, it’s well worth the small expense to get valuable feedback.

  14. I just received my portfolio reviews from Darin and Nick and I wanted to comment on how great this experience has been. I took up photography as a hobby a few years back and over that time I have slowly upgraded my gear and now I want to focus on my techniques. This portfolio review was invaluable in that regard.

    If you’re on the fence about this I can’t recommend the service enough. I chose the Brutally Honest option and I’m glad I did. Both Darin and Nick gave really insightful constructive criticism and suggestions that I can easily put into practice when I am out taking pictures. It’s the first time I have ever had a professional review my photos and getting their unbiased opinion on the things I am doing wrong, and right, was a huge help.

    Thanks to Darin and Nick and the entire Improve Photography team for the great podcast and all of the other products and services you offer to the photography community!


  15. I had a truly enjoyable and valuable experience with the portfolio review. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see where they are at and what they could be doing better.

    I have been an amateur hobbyist for many years. Recently I decided to work on improving both my technique and my post processing but still keep it an enjoyable hobby.

    I received my portfolio review from Darin and truly appreciate his feedback and guidance. I look forward to working on the suggestions he gave me and hopefully submitting another portfolio review in a year or two to compare.


  16. I just had my first portfolio review, and I was beyond blown away by how helpful it genuinely was! They only thing I regret is not doing these reviews sooner and at six month intervals.

    I consider myself an advanced amateur who is hoping to make a side income on prints. The review Darron gave was detailed, heartfelt, frank, honest and very helpful. He noticed flaws in my work that I had not picked up on, and pointed out some positive techniques I’d been naturally using but that wasn’t aware! So now I have a great guide as to what I need to work on to make my photos better.

    I can’t say enough about how great this service was. Jim recommended the basic version on the podcast, but I would honestly say that you should just step up to the Full 49$ review. Having 14 photos reviewed gives a nice overall opinion of a wider variety of your work. I felt it really helped to hammer home the areas that I’m weak in because they popped up in a few other photos that I may haven’t had submitted if I was limited to a nine photo review.

    I bought the review because I wanted a fresh set of eyes on my work, but what I got was a detailed roadmap for the changes I’m going to make in my future work. My review helped to breath new excitement into my work!

    Thanks so much guys!

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