Photoshop 2015 (&CC) Announced with a Few New Features

Only a few seconds ago, Adobe announced a few new updates to Creative Cloud's Lightroom and Photoshop programs.  Here's a quick rundown of the changes.

New Feature in Lightroom

  • New “Dehaze” Slider
    • Allows photographers to remove haze (fog) from photos, and appears to work remarkably well
    • You can also add IN haze to a photo, but only globally (not a local adjustment)
    • The dehaze/haze slider can be found in the “effects” panel under the grain slider

New Feature in Photoshop

  • Improvements to Content Aware Move
    • The content aware move tool is improved with content aware fill from the previous location of the object moved
    • The tool also has a new setting in the top bar allowing you to scale the moved item after moving

Adobe CC

  • Creative Sync
    • Basically just a new marketing term for the ability Adobe CC has already had to sync changes between Photoshop/Lightroom Desktop version and the apps on your phone/tablet

Adobe Stock

  • Adobe has created a desktop program that allows users to purchase photos from their Fotolia acquisition last year
  • Photographers can contribute to the program at stock.Adobe.com/contribute
    • It's unclear at this time what the revenue split and photo costs will be.  No announcement was made regarding a price change from what Fotolia did in the past.

Jim's Quick Take

This is a minor update to Photoshop and Creative Cloud, but a welcome one.  I do think we should all brace ourselves for an outpouring of new “moody fog” photos using the haze slider in Lightroom, though.  Seriously though, I'm excited to use the haze tool on a few photos.  That's a nice feature that I've tried to replicate in Photoshop before with mixed results.  Adobe just recently announced Lightroom 6, so it's nice to see a new feature already popping up.

I asked Adobe if there are plans in the future to include the ability to sync Lightroom Catalogs between computers (laptop for travel and desktop for main catalog) as a part of Creative Sync.  They said they are exploring that option and hope to include that in an update “later this year or in the future” (I believe that was the exact wording).  That's the killer feature I'm hoping for sooner rather than later, and talking to many of you, I know I'm not alone.

The other changes to Photoshop and CC are things most users won't even notice.  While a select few photographers may be excited with Adobe Stock, I think most already see plenty of micro stock agencies to contribute to.

Overall, it's difficult to get too excited with this release.  The improvements are nice, but really won't impact most photographers' workflows.  I didn't get a chance to ask during the press conference if the release will also include bug fixes to address the stability issues that many of you have been reporting to me with Lightroom 6 (& CC).

3 thoughts on “Photoshop 2015 (&CC) Announced with a Few New Features”

  1. Any recommendations for a Lightroom replacement? Adobe releasing a new feature a very short time after selling version 6 to those of us who hate the rental model is a pretty obvious slap from Adobe, and it’s clear that they only care about the CC users.

    1. @Tim,

      I am afraid the problem is there isn’t a very good alternative. OnOne software is getting fairly close, and even a lot more online support as far as help in how to use the software, so you could check that out. I have seen a lot of photographers rave about Photo Mechanic, but I haven’t tried it out for myself.

  2. Adobe forced us to monthly payments and many of us bought into the pig in the poke trusting Adobe to give us something exciting in their upgrades. I think they have let us all down with these little upgrades containing very little most of us will use. It would be appropriate if there would be some boos at their event tomorrow.

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