3 thoughts on “Photo Taco – RAW vs JPEG”

  1. Cary Covington

    I love this podcast! Great work!
    Whenever there is significant dynamic range in the scene, or a likelihood that the exposure will be off, (particularly if the scene is at the edge of the abilities of the camera to capture–like in low-light,) I use Raw.
    Whenever I am being paid to shoot, I make sure that I am shooting in Raw format–because I will definitely process the photos, and I had better be able to recover from any mistakes I make with white balance, exposure, etc. It gives me more peace-of-mind to shoot in Raw.
    I know this defies what you said–but when I am shooting for fun, I am usually shooting JPG–because file size matters more than nailing the shot. When I shoot professionally, I shoot Raw.

    1. @Cary,

      Thanks for listening! So glad you enjoyed the episode. I don’t see anything wrong with shooting JPEG when shooting for fun, I shoot JPEG when I do sports because I want to get the fastest frame rate possible. But I shoot RAW all the rest of the time because what I can do with it in post is part of the fun to me. Good thing we all get to choose how we want to do it ourselves, huh?

  2. Thanks Jeff. I have really enjoyed scouring your posts and have wanted to understand RAW just a little for a while. This made it clear it’s ok to stick with JPEG and not suffer from FOMO.

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