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  1. What light source do you recommend? How far away should the camera
    be from the subject?


  2. Well really I started off over thinking the flashlight I used, but honestly these days, any cheap little flashlight will work. I am using either a cheap little 9 LED flashlight.. or my huge super powerful LED flashlight that I got from my trusty hardware store. The biggest thing is the color temperature. You will have to either correct for, or embrace the different color temperatures of the different flashlights. Often times a incandescent bulb is nice because you have the nice warm colors in the foreground contrasting with the nice cool colors of the sky. Mag lights are great for that

    the further away from the camera you get.. the more fun and interesting the shot gets. I often times am light painting from 100 feet away from my camera. But keep in mind the further you are from whatever your light painting .. the harder the shadows will be.. So its best to paint from a couple different sides to fill some of the shadows.

  3. Hey, Nick. Enjoying your podcasts. In the light painting episode, you repeated mentioned using Layers in Lightroom. Did you mean in Photoshop? Or am I missing an important tool in the latest update of LR? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Karen.. your right I meant to say Photoshop! I think I said lightroom like three times, and every time I meant photoshop. Lightroom is great, but working with layers is stickily a photoshop thing. Listening back, I flinched every time I heard myself say lightroom!

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