6 thoughts on “Photo Taco – Don’t Corrupt Your SD Cards”

  1. Carl Robin Mousley

    Just so you know, the first few minutes of the podcast (downloaded from iTunes) was somewhat scrambled. I think it was all there, but the first 3 tips repeated a couple of times… Maybe it was just my download, but that’s what happened to me!

    1. @Carl,

      I have checked in multiple places now and don’t find a scrambled version of this episode anywhere. I just downloaded and listened to it in iTunes and it was perfect. So sorry it came out bad for you somehow. Maybe try deleting the episode and have iTunes download it again?


  2. Great tips! I don’t want to sound ignorant, but would these same tips apply to CF cards? Thanks!

    1. @Cynthia,

      Yes, good practice for CF cards too, although they are a bit more sturdy than SD in all ways except their size (easier to break in half) and the pins in the card slot. Bend one of those pins and the card slot is done. But waiting for the busy light on the camera to stop blinking applies to CF cards as well. I also wouldn’t delete files from the card on the camera or on the computer, just format the card in your camera in order to start fresh with a shoot.

  3. I have always let LR import my photos and yes it is slow. So happy to hear of alternate method but I sometimes make things more difficult than they really are. I am thinking that there could be more than one way to copy photos from SD card. Do I copy them to the current folder that holds all my Lightroom photos? Would love to have some simple instructions for my simple mind. Learning so much from this site…thanks in advance!

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