To Watermark or Not to Watermark [IP 118]

Jim chats with Jeff & Darin to discuss big news that has come down the pike in the photography world including gear & software announcements.  Also, Improve Photography is holding in Instagram Photo Contest!  In the main segment the three dive into when & where watermarking might be appropriate.

What's in this episode: 

  • Improve Photography's first Photo Contest.  – Use hashtag #improvephotography on Instagram by April 30, 2015 to win a fabulous prize!
  • The Improve Photography Podcast Network has three new (AWESOME) podcasts you can check out here!
  • Apple released the OS-X 10.10.3 with the new Photos App.  – Is it what serious photographers & Aperture users are looking for?
  • DSLR's & Mirrorless Camera sales have been tanking over the past few years.  – Some insight as to why we think this trend is occurring.
  • Mirrorless Camera systems are not taking over.  – The sales numbers do not lie.
  • Oops…  LG Announced an 8K, yes 8K, iMac may be coming soon!  – Is there such thing as too much resolution? – Does Jim have buyer's remorse on his 5K iMac?
  • Jim, Jeff & Darin's thoughts about watermarking. – A discussion sparked by a recent episode of Brian McGuckin's Thought's on Photography Podcast.

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11 thoughts on “To Watermark or Not to Watermark [IP 118]”

  1. I’m listening to this week’s podcast and I’m beginning to feel like an outcast. I’m in the process of migrating from Canon to Micro Four Thirds. For the past few months, most of what we’ve heard from the IP podcast is that we aren’t worthy. I realize that in the scheme of things MFT isn’t a huge player, but mirrorless IS a player. I learn an incredible amount from the IP podcast, but it gripes me a little to hear that my pictures aren’t good enough, my lenses aren’t good enough or my camera of choice just “isn’t there yet”. I’m not that great a photographer, but I’m just as much a photography hobbyist as the guy that just went out an bought a Canon 5DMIII with $10k worth of glass just because he could afford the very best.

    I feel that mirrorless is pretty much ignored by IP, while other sources are welcoming us into the room. As we’ve all been told, the best camera is the one you have with you. Smartphones have been welcomed with open arms and they aren’t nearly as capable as a micro four third camera.

    I like your podcasts and I’ve now subscribed to a couple of the new ones, but don’t toss us under the bus so often!!!

    1. Ron, I’m sorry you feel that way.

      BUT, I’ve learned that I can be one of two people on the podcast #1 I can be the guy who says what will make people happy and never give any negative reviews, or #2 I can say what I truly think about gear, photos, photography, and all the rest.

      It sounds like you’re asking me to change my opinion of mirrorless just to make people feel better. I’m not willing to do that.

      I’ve said it a hundred times–I COMPLETELY believe that mirrorless cameras will overtake all DSLRs in the next 10 years. But for me personally, there are too many drawbacks to benefits right now. So when I say “mirrorless isn’t there yet” it’s because that’s how I feel, and most people appreciate my honest review.

      I fully expect that within the next year or two a mirrorless camera will pop up that I’ll be excited about, but right now I’m not swayed.

      1. No Jim, I don’t expect you to change your views. Not at all, nor would I want you to. I guess my question is, what would you need a camera need to do to excite you? The follow up would be, how long have you spent with any one mirrorless camera to see if that is the case? I just picked up the Oly OM-D E-M5 MII. I can’t imagine needing a camera to do any more than this one will. Maybe if it had Bluetooth, but otherwise I’m really happy. It’s great upgrade to my original M5

        My whole point, is that more than one of us think that just because you have not found a mirrorless that gets you excited, that we are getting the short end of the stick. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just my perception, but obviously Kelly and I feel pretty much the same way, and if we do, you can bet there are others. We aren’t wanting to get rid of DSLRs, I still have my Canon cameras. We just want a little of what seems totally geared toward the DSLR users.

        Again, I learn a lot here. I bought your Lightroom course and thought it was great. I’m sure you will do what’s best.

        1. I am sure there are more than just two of you who don’t like my opinion, and sometimes my opinions make people mad. But I’d make a heck of a lot of more people mad if I stopped being honest.

          But at the same time, I’m not sure many of the comments on here are very fair. I was accused of making a rash decision on mirrorless without trying them, which is flatly false. I’ve actually spent a significant amount of time shooting mirrorless cameras. Darin even shoots his a6000 regularly (although he doesn’t like some things about it). Also, we dedicated an entire episode with a mirrorless advocate just to show the other side of the fence on this issue.

          Just because you don’t like my opinion doesn’t mean we have been unfair to mirrorless cameras in our reviews. Reasonable minds can differ and that’s okay.

          All I can do is recommend what I personally would shoot in various situations. I’ve mentioned SEVERAL times that I think some mirrorless cameras are the RIGHT choice for some shooters. I’ve also said that I’m not switching just yet because the autofocus hasn’t yet met my needs, and because I haven’t found a lens lineup that excites me yet. I’m anxious to go to mirrorless. There are some awesome innovations coming out of the mirrorless cameras, but the time isn’t right for me yet and so I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

  2. Hey Ron, I totally understand how and why your feeling how you are, Mirrorless in general doesn’t get much love from any of us on the show these days. Mostly I think its because none of us can really speak with athority on the matter since we havn’t taken the plunge. if I was shooting only landscapes and nightscapes, the Sony R7 would probably be my camera of choice.. but the focusing system just isn’t good enough to shoot sports and wildlife .. YET Its tough once you invest in the lenses.. you feel kinda stuck.. I know I do. I do agree with you though.. we need to have someone on the show from time to time to criticize us for our mirrors, and show us the light!

    1. Nick, glad to see your reply. It’s great that you at least get what I and others are saying. We don’t want special treatment, we just want to be a part of the IP group. Micro Four Thirds does anything the “big” boys can do. We do macro, infrared, wildlife… you get the idea. I think if you took a poll of your listeners and web page readers you would find mirrorless/micro four thirds makes up more of your base than you would suspect. I have a smartphone, just like most people here. I’ll take a few pictures with it, but it’s only a matter of convenience. If I want to go shooting, I get one of my “real” cameras. Right now smartphones get as much attention on your group of podcasts as mirrorless does!!! Show me a picture of a baseball game taken on a smartphone that is anywhere close to as good as what my MFT Oly can do and I’ll say that they deserve as much attention. Again, thanks for your reply and lets crank up some mirrorless love!!!

  3. Ron — So glad to see you post this, I feel the exact same way. I try really hard to ignore the comments they make about mirrorless but they keep getting worse and it bugs me because they aren’t using the cameras so they shouldn’t state what they haven’t experienced.

    I was a Oly girl for years and then when my Oly E3 finally bit the dust I went to Canon. HATED IT!!!! I just could not adapt to that camera and in turn using that camera turned me so off that I didn’t touch it for months, only photos I took were with my iPhone. Finally I decided to sell the Canon and go back to Olympus and bought the EM-1. I could not be happier!!!!! I am not a pro, far from it and so the camera is probably a bit more than I need but I know what I like and what makes me want to shoot and my EM-1 brought the love of photography back to me. I am slowly learning all it can do and wow can it do a lot! It really is all about the camera in your hands.

    The podcast team constantly state that there is no mirrorless camera with lenses that can shoot sports and wildlife but that is just not true. All it takes is one afternoon viewing the Micro 4/3 forum on dPreview to see that the Olympus EM-1 with the new 14-150 pro lens is killing it for sports and birding once you apply the latest camera update and take the time to learn how to use the combo. I cannot wait to get that combination in my hands (saving up for the lens now).

    I was always teased about using Olympus cameras, now my friends tease me about my “baby” camera. Guess I will always be the real camera “rebel” LOL

    1. Great stuff Kelly!! Lets hope we can get a couple of more MFT converts to chime in. I’m sure that you already hit a couple of the other MFT web sites. That’s where I get my reinforcement and inspiration. Our cameras can do 95% of what the big boys can do, we’ve no reason to take a back seat.

    2. Hold on, Kelly. I disagree about two things you said about me.

      #1: “They aren’t using the cameras…so they shouldn’t state what they haven’t experienced” Completely not true. Darin regularly shoots a Sony A6000 and talks about it on the show. I’ve shot just about all of the mirrorless camera models out there, but choose to shoot DSLR right now as my primary camera simply because I find it better fits MY needs.

      #2: “The podcast team constantly state that there is no mirrorless camera with lenses that can shoot sports or wildlife” Not true at all. Of COURSE you CAN shoot wildlife and sports with mirrorless. What I said was that if I shot sports or wildlife, I wouldn’t pick a mirrorless camera. The reason has nothing to do with the focal length, but because I haven’t found a mirrorless camera yet (and again I’ve tried most of them) that autofocuses as fast as my DSLR.
      You’re perfectly welcome to disagree, but I wanted to set the record straight on those points.

  4. I own a Smart Car and i joined a forum for JEEP owner enthusiast, sadly all they talked about is offroading stuff… so i went to their website and left a complaint under the comment section… hopefully they will include my Smart Car into their offroading discussions…

    1. Bad analogy. One vehicle has no relationship to the other. This is an improve photography website, not an improve DSLR website. Micro Four Thirds is a camera format.

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