Memory Card Reality Check [IP 116]

In IP Roundtable Podcast by Darin Mellor

Darin Mellor is joined by Erica Coffman, Jeff Harmon, & Nick page to talk about photography news, memory cards for photographers, our FAVORITE tools/features in Lightroom.  The four photo nerds share their Doodads of the Week to help you Improve your photography skills!

What's in this episode:

  • Compact Flash (CF) versus Secure Digital (SD) cards; which is best for photographers & why?
  • What are all of these symbols on the memory card & what do they mean?
  • Which brand or type of SD card is best for you?
  • Why it is important to have a fast card for still photographers.
  • Erica's favorite Lightroom features. – Adjustment Brushes & Star Rating system
  • Nick's favorite Lightroom tools. – Keywords & the Syncing option
  • Features in Lightroom Jeff cannot live without. – The HSL Panel & Collections
  • How Collections in Lightroom can assist you with picking your best images of the year! – Helpful when evaluating your portfolio.
  • Collections are great, but having multiple Lightroom Catalogs may not be ideal. – Find out why!

Resources Mentioned:


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About the Author

Darin Mellor

Darin Mellor is an independent contractor for Improve Photography, cohost of the popular Improve Photography Podcast, world traveler, and aspiring to be as big of a photography geek as Jim Harmer.