News, Nerding, & the Canon 5D MK IV! [IP 115]

Darin sits down with Jeff Harmon & Nick Page to discuss the 2015 Apple Macbook, Canon 5D MK IV, & a BIG announcement from Google.  The trio discuss realistic numbers on what it costs to become a professional photographer.

What's in this episode:

  • Apple announces the 2015 MacBook.  Is it a good pick for photographers?
  • RIP Google +
  • The Canon 5D MK IV is coming in the fall.  Is it the camera Canon users have been waiting for?
  • What does it really cost to make the jump from hobbyist to professional?
  • Tony Northrup brings out Jeff, Nick, & Darin's inner photo nerd.
  • Crop factor does not just apply to focal length.  Watch out Aperture and ISO!

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7 thoughts on “News, Nerding, & the Canon 5D MK IV! [IP 115]”

  1. Following the information in an Improve Photography article, I skipped the Camranger and spent less than $50 for the wireless access point and the DSLR controller software. It has been great. Luckily, I shoot a Canon camera, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go with this option.

  2. Someone in the podcast mentioned that PC computers don’t have thunderbolt which is incorrect. Asus makes motherboards for PCs with thunderbolt connections.

    1. @Brian,

      Yep, some Asus motherboards have Thunderbolt. I have one in my custom built, water cooled, overclocked PC. I love the PC I have built. However, I know that my situation is pretty different from most photographers who don’t want to take on the fairly technical challenge of building their own computer, and I haven’t seen any PC built by the big manufacturers putting Thunderbolt in them. I am also disappointed in the trade-off I would have to make in my own custom PC if I was to use the Thunderbolt port, and that is having to give up one of my PCI-e slots.

    2. Hey Brian I am the guilty one.. I had no idea that Thunderbolt was available in a PC. Everytime I have ever heard it talked about was in reference to a Mac… It has always been talked about like some mythical connection type that was only available to those Steve Job’s disciples among us. I guess its time to start thinking about leaving this box of mine with the Hamster in the Wheel behind for some modern technologies 🙂 I have to go, my hamster is hungry but thanks for the info guys! lol

  3. Matt Pople - The keen amateur

    Can I just say I reeeaaallly loved this particular podcast. My usual commute home from London starts off with good intention (and interest of course!) to listen to an entire podcast, but my lack of sleep the previous night (busy dad life!) just gets the better of me, and fairly regularly I’m compus mentus for the first 15 mins, and then the train’s rocking/rumbling motion sends me off to sleep. As a result I have a tonne of pod casts that are marked as partially listened too! However, this particular one really kept me awake because the discussion about moving from amateur to pro really interested me, and kept me awake! Its a ridiculously scary idea, and I know I am not ready yet, however I am approaching the point of really knowing my kit, and able to predict the appropriate settings on my 60d for a variation of environments.

    I’m just fed up of I.T. Support now, and I must do something better/more creative with my life!

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