For the Love of Light! Podcast w/ Suzy Simons! [IP110]

Darin sits down with the very talented photographer, Suzy Simons, to discuss her life-long love affair with light.  Suzy shares a unique perspective on how she came into the world of professional photography.  This talented image creator helps Darin & the audience understand how she transforms light into photos cherished by multiple generations.

What's in this episode:

  • Forcing yourself to shoot in Manual Mode may be the nudge needed to get you off Auto.
  • Getting to know your camera & the Exposure Triangle.
  • Thoughts on classical photography training versus newer methods of learning the craft.
  • What it feels like to learn from photography greats like Robert Sheppard & Bob Kist at Fresno State University.
  • How to fail & learn during each photo shoot.
  • Confidence can go much further than you think!
  • Having a genuine interest in your clients helps build rapport & a comfortable shooting environment.
  • Making your subjects feel beautiful & look beautiful.
  • Reasons why it is better to be a photographer versus trying to be a chiropractor!
  • Know your location & be prepared to show it your clients.  (Huge time saving tip from Suzy!)
  • Understanding the basics of composition for Portrait Photography.
  • Going further by being adaptable & spontaneous!
  • Unguarded Moments:  The Soul of a Great Portrait.

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7 thoughts on “For the Love of Light! Podcast w/ Suzy Simons! [IP110]”

  1. Darin, another great solo episode – great job! I really enjoyed the interview with Suzy Simons. Some great advise and glad to have been introduced to Suzy – she is an amazing photographer and really captures joy and beauty in her portraits.
    I have some questions for you Darin that I’m not sure where to submit. But was pretty excited when I heard about you starting a portrait podcast – For starters let me just say I am a hobbyist and not trying to make money or a living off of my photography. My goal this year is to focus on my photography, improve and try new techniques. I’m not looking for paid clients. As much as I’d love to be a landscape photographer, I keep finding myself more and more interested in portraits and people. Although I’m not looking for paying clients, I am still curious about a few things with regards to portrait photography and pricing I am hoping to see addressed. I’m sure that other people starting out with paid clients may benefit from this also. How do you price and present packages? Not necessarily looking for dollar figures, as I know each photographer is different depending on skills and experience, but I am curious about the process. Do you have a proof session to go over the pictures with your clients? Do you get the prints from the pro dp that I’ve read such great reviews about? I know I’m not a pro and perhaps somewhere in the back of my mind I think about doing it one day – but I just wonder if you could walk us through the steps on how you present your proofs, go about the print packages and deliver photographs to your clients.
    Thank you, I appreciate everything improve photography does and gives to the photography community.

  2. Darin you are a terrible interviewer. Please let the experts talk. You need to learn to listen. And please your photography is not there yet to be talking about photographers and your experience. Please talk less and encourage the person you are interviewing to give information.

  3. Thank you for the feedback Marco. Although I don’t agree with how you phrased it; I do see you were probably trying to be constructive. – I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in that respect. However, I do appreciate the feedback and I will grow from this experience. We all have to start somewhere and we do not start out is being perfect from the get-go. Thank you again for your feedback.

  4. Thank you for the very helpful feedback on this episode Erika! We definitely have some neat plans and will be figuring out the format of that podcast here shortly. We are very excited to launch it! We are still learning the process and we’re nowhere near the level that Jim is, but we strive to get there someday soon!

    I think that’s why a lot of the people who listen to the show identify with us because they are either on this path or have been down it themselves. We hope to answer these questions in subsequent episodes of the podcast thank you again for your constructive feedback.

  5. Thanks Darin for understanding. The best interviews conducted in the photography podcasts out there are Jim’s. Its a bit disappointing to hear the words like “Some photographers do this some do that”. I guess we just need to hear what is the best not the wrongs of others or how terrible others are. Its a great service that you guys are doing. And thank you for that.
    I love to hear what other experienced people have to say. Get the best info out of them. More on the techniques they use to get such awesome photos. What mistakes they did and how they overcame those. Their advice’s to upcoming photographers. What kind of post processing they do. Composition rules they follow. How do they reduce the noise? How do they get that cool effect they have on their photos? Their experience in the photography business. How do they pick their spots? What kind of lighting they use? What kind of gear they use? How do they make their subjects comfortable? How they make them pose?

  6. Hi Darin,

    Love your podcast and learning a lot as an enthusiast. I have a small issue regarding itunes subscription. I have changed myn tore from USA to Turkey and now unable to download new episodes even though I see them in the list. Any limitations on the itunes store? Greetings fromTurkey.


  7. Hi Darin,
    Love your podcast and learning a lot as an enthusiast. I have a small issue regarding itunes subscription. I have changed my store from USA to Turkey and now unable to download new episodes even though I see them in the list. Any limitations on the itunes store? Greetings fromTurkey.

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