Landscape Photography Roundtable [IP109]

Jim hosts an informative & fun roundtable discussion about planning for a Landscape Photography Shoot with FOUR other photographers.  Joining Jim in this episode are Darin Mellor, Jeff Harmon, Brian McGuckin, & Scott Davenport.

What's in this episode:

  • Big news from Improve Photography!
  • Five perspectives from a panel of photographers featured in this episode.
  • Why shooting & composing might not be as important as planning for your next Landscape Photography Shoot.
  • The importance of knowing your location & where to find things you are interested in shooting.
  • Using technology like 500px Maps to find interesting & unique places that could be closer than you think!
  • How studying different weather conditions can impact the image; BUT it could impact your life or ability to shoot another day!
  • Making the most of the shots with the gear on hand & not fretting leaving something behind.
  • Insight into photographers tending to overpack.
  • Knowing the when & where of sun/moonrises & sun/moonsets; tips on being prepared to shoot with optimal light.
  • Keeping your family & friends at ease telling them where you are going & when you plan to return.
  • Safety steps, (or missteps for Darin), when shooting Landscape Photography.
  • Weather, tide, & more can change in seconds.  – Do not get stuck on the tide or be swept away!
  • Location, location, location! – The location or the weather can allow you to shoot less or more.
  • Traveling in pairs or using a guide might be the best way to shoot another day!
  • Some basic settings or go-to advice when going out for a Landscape Shoot!

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15 thoughts on “Landscape Photography Roundtable [IP109]”

    1. Hello Stephen!

      What are you using to listen? I was able to listen to it on the webpage, the Apple Podcast App on two different iPhones, etc. I am here to help if you still are having issues. Thank you for letting us know Stephen and thank you for your support of the podcast!

  1. Erika Sneeringer

    Great episode! I really enjoyed listening to everyone together. Very useful tips and I can’t wait to get out shooting to work on improving my landscape photography.

    1. Thank you so much Erika! We truly enjoy what we do! Most of all we are happy you found the tips and tricks to be useful in helping you improve your photography.

  2. Thank you so much for the 500px maps idea. I had been going into info area for each shot in 500px that I could find under search which was very hit or miss and very slow. This tip is awesome and I can’t wait for them to add it to the iOS app. As mentioned on the podcast I to had tried Stuck on Earth but gave up because of the high volume of crappy photos you come across.

    1. I think all four of us (Jim, Jeff, Brian, and I) will be using this tool from now on after Scott mentioned it! What a great tip!

  3. I like your podcast, but in the last few episodes the mics (especially Jim’s) have been too hot so that the loudest peaks distort the audio.

    1. Thank you Cory! We figured out I had some wonky setting on my digital recorder. It sounds kind of like a loudspeaker blaring sound. We know what you are hearing and thank you for taking the time to comment. We hope you enjoy the audio in future episodes. It is our goal to increase production value by a lot in 2015!

  4. What a fabulous podcast! This could be cast as “The Inklings” of photography! Thanks for all of the great discussions. I am excited to put many into practice! Oh, and “yippee!” Focus points in Lightroom!! Thanks for the doodad!!

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for your feedback Cindy! We appreciate your support of the Improve Photography Podcast!

  5. Whenever I try to listen to the newest podcast on my iphone or ipad, it states “episode unavailable from Improve Photography”. Ideas as to why that is?

  6. Hi Jim & Darin! My wife and I are going to Iceland next month and would like to visit Bruarfoss, but have heard from you how hard it is to find. When I click on the Bruarfoss link in episode 109 it doesn’t take me to directions for finding it. Can you show me where I can get that information? Thanks, Ray Weigand

  7. I can’t wait until you come out with the new Landscape podcast. Landscape photography sometimes feels left out of podcasts. I could make guess as to why, but I’m glad you will be filling that void. Any idea when that will start?

  8. I listened to this podcast but you did not mention a good lens for Landscape. if you could recommend one for my camera, a Canon 60D
    Thanks John

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