Seeing in 5K & Shooting in the Dark [IP103]

Jim & Darin sit down to answer some questions about what Improve Photography is up to in 2015.  Beyond traveling the globe with the Improve Photography Travel Group; Darin & Jim talk about different strategies for studio shooting, more thoughts on the Sony a6000, & why Jim & Dusty O's term ‘Helpography' feels so good!

What's in this episode:

  • More exciting announcements from Improve Photography for 2015.
  • When is it too late to trust Lightroom for migrating from Aperture?
  • ‘Helpography' – Why the best gift Darin received for Christmas was one he gave.
  • ‘Helpography' Cont'd – Jim & Improve Photography thank those whom have sent in unused gear so students can learn with the real deal!
  •  Darin likes shooting in the dark & explains why.
  •  Jim offers his reasons why he prefers shooting with more ambient light.
  •  Funny sounds are haunting the airwaves as we hear the beginning of a well-known song & the sound of Jim's new toy starting up.  Hmm.. wonder what it is?

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7 thoughts on “Seeing in 5K & Shooting in the Dark [IP103]”

  1. Thanks for this podcast ….hoping to hear some more about the Apple 5K, I am sitting on the fence before buying it and wondered if you are still happy with it ?

    1. From what I hear Jim is still loving his 5K display. I have also talked to other listeners and fans of Improve Photography whom love it as well and have no regrets on buying one.

  2. Hi guys. Thanks for the podcast… A few things though.
    First, Aperture is extremely better at file management than LR. I have been using Aperture since V.1 and have tried every 30 day trial version of LR since v.1. I have said from the beginning LR is better at editing than Aperture (thank God for external editors) but Aperture is hands down a better system. One of you mentioned Derek Story, the main reason he uses Aperture over LR and hasn’t switched to LR yet is he is waiting for the new Photos app. Also one of you mentioned that you couldn’t find the master file to compare to the edited version all you have to do is hit the “M” key…
    However sadly we have switched to the most awful user interface LR. Keep up the good work..

  3. Great show, and thank you for the mention of the Fund as well as Nebraska Photographers Network (NPN). This was an absolutely great cause, and perfect time of year for it.

    1. You are most welcome Pat. It is a great group on Facebook and I invite all fans of Improve Photography to try to create a group like this in your area where egos are checked at the door and the common goal is to share beautiful images through Facebook while helping those asking questions. NPN is the closest thing I have seen to Improve Photography’s willingness to help others master the craft of imaging making to the best of their ability.

  4. Predicting a lot of heat from the a6000 owners. I am close to purchasing it for its size and its supposedly good af system. I have seen reviews comparing it to the best cameras out there when it comes to auto focus performance.

    You mind sharing what lenses you use?

    Great show. Keep it up.

    1. I think I want to give the a6000 another chance. I am not saying it is bad, but as another user said it might not be the best transition from photographers accustomed to shooting DSLRs. I do say it is one of the best cameras for the money if you bought it how I did with the a6000 body only and bought the E 50mm f.1.8 OSS prime lens from sony. Dipping my feet into the Sony Alpha market did not include buying the a7ii, a7r, or a7s, due to their price points and the amount of money we currently have invested in canon. (We as in my father and me.)

      However, I do plan on testing this camera extensively on our Oregon Trip and China Trip. I will give my full report on it in an upcoming episode with my final verdict on it. We might even have a surprise guest whom may have picked up a Sony a7ii and a7s shortly after I did and found they were not sure what all the hype was about. Stay tuned as nothing is ever set in stone with photography. Hey, we never know; Jim might endorse a teleconverter one of these days. 😉

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