Jim’s Icelandic Adventure [IP95]

Jim is fresh off the jetway from Iceland & ready to talk photography.  Darin sits down with Jim to discuss his recent adventure to Iceland with the Improve Photography Travel Group.  Audio recordings of interviews between Jim & some of his fellow photographers & travelers are attached at the end of this episode.

What's in this episode

  • What it takes to plan & coordinate a trip to Iceland to meet up with fellow photo nerds.
  • Items to consider taking & leaving behind for an Icelandic image-making adventure.
  • Tips & tricks Jim learned to keep his gear safe from the elements.
  • How to get the most out of every moment.
  • Why four days jam packed full of photography is much longer than it looks on paper.
  • Interviews with a few brave souls who were part of the Iceland Improve Photography Travel Group.

Resources Mentioned

  • Fracture – (Enter Coupon Code: ‘PhotosOnGlass15' to get 15% off!)
  • Animoto – (Get started today by clicking the link!)
  • Improve Photography Travel Group – (See where you can join Jim, Darin, & other passionate photographers for the next adventure!)


5 thoughts on “Jim’s Icelandic Adventure [IP95]”

  1. I didn’t have a chance to have a chat with Jim on tape, but I must agree with the others: this trip was loads of fun. I’ve only been photographing seriously for 9 months or so. Previously I shot mostly portraits and my first wedding 3 months in. This trip boosted my confidence in landscapes, showed me that I was doing a lot of things right and pointed out where I need to improve. I learned that while I’ve got many of the technical things nailed there is still room for improvement in composition and “working the scene”. And that I need a wider lens. It’s great to see how other, more experienced photographers interpret the scene.

    Back home now and selecting & post-processing my photos. I’ll be posting the best ones to 500px.com/JWNL

    By the way: some lenses focus past infinity for various reasons. One is to allow them to operate at extreme temperatures when internal lens elements expand and contract. Another is because on complex zoom lenses “infinity” can actually shift a little when you zoom in or out. And apparently it’s also to allow the focus motor to quickly move without physically bashing into the mechanical limits.

    Thanks to Jim for organizing such a fabulous experience! If at all possible I’ll certainly be joining some of the future trips!

  2. Very keen to get myself organised in 2015 and join you in Iceland…

    Beautiful photo of the Northern Lights BTW… (Is there a little layer offset in the land to the left of the image though ?)

  3. Jim: Given your recent D810 experiences, you might want to look into a Personal Articles Policy rider to your home insurance policy. Mine through State Farm runs about $1.25/100 value and provides full replacement (not depreciated) value regardless of cause. So, all covered camera gear would be protected from theft, fire, water, wind, dropping, etc.–even accidentally leaving your gear somewhere. All you need to get started is a spreadsheet containing specifics (make, model, serial number, cost, date purchased, etc.) of the gear to be insured.

    1. @Ron – Good idea for most, but for me it’s not a personal item. It’s a business item, so it isn’t covered.

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