Camera Settings & Composition Q&A [IP84]

Jim & Darin answer questions from listeners of the Improve Photography Podcast.  Darin & Jim share a neat strategy to gain traction in the Senior Pictures market by working with local high schools.

What's in this episode

  • Advantages & disadvantages of editing photos on a laptop.
  • Recommended screens for photo editing.
  • How to get the best results when shooting in deeply shaded environment.
  • Best practices for exporting photos to share on both social media & a personal website.
  • Techniques & Tricks for shooting Street Photography when sunny or overcast.
  • Checking settings in Lightroom & Photoshop when using both to edit images.
  • What composition & exposure are best for photographing rock formations.

Resources Mentioned 

9 thoughts on “Camera Settings & Composition Q&A [IP84]”

  1. Hey, Jim and Darin.

    Just want offer insight to the guy that had the question about his exposure changing in Lightroom vs photoshop. I’m wondering if the guy has dual monitors with different brightness/ calibrations settings?

    Love the podcast keep it up!

  2. Re calibration question: My MacBook changes its screen brightness depending whether it’s connected to a power source, and also depending on the ambient light (via the built-in camera, I assume). I don’t know the mechanism behind either one, but it’s worth looking into. Good luck.

  3. I also have a suggestion for the Lightroom-Photoshop issue. My wife a while back was having an issue with editing in Lightroom then exporting to photoshop. When she opened the image up in camera raw, the highlights kept blowing out even though they were perfect in Lightroom.
    It turns out she had the 2 set to 2 different color spaces: Lightroom was set to Adobe rbg and photoshop to srbg.
    I would bet that it is a color space issue, too.
    If it’s not, I would sure love to know what it was.

  4. Hello,

    I like the idea of giving back to the schools whenever possible. I currently do this with sports photography. I take action shots of the Soccer teams (that’s the sport I know so well) and I put them on my SmugMug site (www.golazophotography.com). I then give 50% of the profit back to the team as a donation. I am able to write this off as a donation because I actually write the check to the Booster Club since that is a 501c3 non-profit.

    What I like is the idea of doing this with Senior Portraits. What I am not sure is how to “donate” some of the money back to the school as a tax deductible donation. We have a Scholarship organization that is also a 501c3 entity so maybe instead of giving it back directly to the school you donate to the scholarship committee?

    As you have mentioned there are lot’s of not so privileged students out there and everyone deserves a great Senior photo. Offering a basic package that also gives back to the school is a great way to address this issue.

  5. Just a note that you didn’t really answer the lady’s question about what color spaces to use to upload images to Facebook, websites and for printing. You got sidetracked on image quality instead.
    I was curious to know the answer to her question. Adobe RGB? sRGB? a calibrated monitor setting? Thanks!

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