11 Essential Wildlife Photography Tips [IP85]

In this episode I interview wildlife and nature photographer Jay Pierstorff.  Jay teaches photography in Arizona and frequently photographs captive animals.  In this episode he gives some really cool tips for photographing animals.

What's in this episode

  • How to photography animals through a fence
  • How photographers can take stunning photos of captive animals
  • Where to find the best wildlife locations

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8 thoughts on “11 Essential Wildlife Photography Tips [IP85]”

  1. Towards the end of the podcast you mentioned a specific camera model that Jay is shooting with. (The one with the 1200mm equivalent) What was it? Thanks!

      1. Hi Jay, I live about an hour from the Sonoran Desert Museum. Does the museum do photography tours in the morning or at night?

        1. Hi Eric,
          They have a few morning general behind the scenes tours but they are not really geared to photography. The ASDM Art Institute does have photography classes and a Behind the scenes tour for photography. You can get all the details at DesertMuseum.org or let me know if you have specific questions.

  2. I really enjoyed this podcast! I love photographing animals and am well aware of the many issues that can make that so frustrating and yet so rewarding! I was not aware of issues surrounding the sale of zoo/animal sanctuary photos on stock sites, so thank you for pointing that out. I am also excited to learn about the Canon camera that has a 1200mm capacity. I shoot with a Nikon d5100, and my longest lens goes to 300mm—not always enough to successfully capture animals in the wild. I could never afford a really long lens, but would seriously consider that Canon point-and-shoot as a good alternative. Thanks for these and all the other great tips!!

  3. Hi Jim,
    This is the fist time I’ve contacted you but I listen to all your podcasts and really enjoy your style of podcast and photography.!!! Thanks for your efforts in publishing this art.

    While listening to this podcast I heard you say you was coming to my state (WV)! To photograph The Glade Creek Grist Mill located in Babcock State Park! I live only a 100 miles from there and would love to met up and photograph with you there!!! I have been there many times! It is a wonderful place and seriously, you can’t take a bad photo of this place!! It is truly photogenic.
    There are many photo opts there within 1/2 hour drive including the New River Gorge Bridge and many more.
    If you are interested in meeting up with me just give me your contact info and the day/s you will be there and I’ll get with you!!
    Cell 304-412-1690
    [email protected]

  4. Hey, all…

    Thought you’d like to know that WalMart is selling the Canon SX50 that Jay mentioned for $250!! That’s $150 less than it’s selling for almost everywhere else.

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