8 Quick Tips for Staying Motivated with Photography

It's true!  Jim is joined again by Dusty O for this episode and they talk about 8 tips for staying motivated to shoot photography.

What's in this episode

  • 8 Tips for Getting Motivated to Do More Photography
  • Thoughts on the new Nikon D810 Camera
  • An app that helps you track the sunset even when you're in the mountains
  • A creative technique for lighting engagement photos

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

9 thoughts on “8 Quick Tips for Staying Motivated with Photography”

  1. The kid in Indiana Jones is called Short Round. And he primarily calls Indy “Dr. Jones.” Not trying to be a film nerd or anything 🙂

  2. Wow, it felt so nice to hear Justin again! I missed this kind of interaction you two have.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the interview podcasts, and Jim you are a great speaker while alone, but I absolutely feel it more alive when you are together.
    Would love if that could happen more often.

  3. Loved hearing Dustin’s voice again! I was catching up on your podcasts while making a very long drive and when I heard his voice I thought I had downloaded an old podcast. It was a nice surprise when I soon realized it was a new one. Don’t be a stranger, Dustin! Jim, job well done as always. Love what you do.

  4. @Andrew and Jim
    When Short Round had to use the fire to snap Dr. Jones back into normal mode he did call him Indie. He said “Indie, I LOVE YOU!” That may even be the moment that Jim was reminded of when Dusty O was doing his impression of gratitude (lol).

    All the Best,

  5. Great Podcast! Jim, you do so much better with a sidekick. What would the Lone Ranger do without Tonto? What would Batman do without Robin? When Jim hooks up with Dusty, magic happens. Your laugh is more sincere, and the energy is greater. Wonderful job boys. Keep it up

  6. Hi Jim,
    I have heard you speak a couple of times about the micro 4/3 cameras. You have pointed out how they have come a long way over the past few years in providing a good “small kit” option. Yet one of the main cons you discuss is the limited high ISO capability.
    I have been a 5DMIII shooter and a few months ago purchased the Olympus OMD EM-10 for a small kit option. The EM-10 can’t match the 5DMIII for high ISO performance but it is very good. I have been pleasantly surprised. I have images taken at ISO 3200 that are very good in regards to their low noise level. Add to that, the great noise reduction in LR (and other applications), and the micro 4/3 (at least with the EM-10) is a very capable option even shooting at the higher ISOs.
    Thanks for your continued efforts to teach and inspire.
    Kevin Miller

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