Your Photography Questions, Jim’s Answers

In episode 69 of the Improve Photography Podcast we talk about Jim's issues with the Drobo, being a supportive photo community, buying in to the Sony camera system, and more!

What's in this episode

  • Jim talks about problems with the Drobo and their customer support–dead data with a Drobo that is only 4 months old!
  • Whether or not photographers should consider a Sony mirrorless DSLR
  • How to make Lightroom show your photos exactly as they appear on your camera's LCD screen
  • The $150 box that you probably threw in the trash
  • Using Lightroom and Photoshop together in the workflow that maximizes your image quality

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • Elena Shumilova's Portfolio
  • The new Improve Photography Newsletter, where Jim shares one of his best photos and a full step-by-step tutorial on how the photo was made.  He even includes the photo straight out of the camera so you can see what work was done in post processing.

Enjoy the episode!


6 thoughts on “Your Photography Questions, Jim’s Answers”

  1. We used to use Drobo and found them to be horrible. We moved to Synology brand products. Been much happier!

  2. I’ve been using online backup of my images for a few years and have been incredibly happy with it. No worrying about hardware issues or losing anything in theft, fires, etc. The cost only increases as I need more storage.

    Are other photographers shying away from this option for reasons I haven’t considered?

  3. I backup my pictures to Amazon S3, it costs a few quid a month, and have a second copy on Google Drive. The only downside is the time it takes to upload, but you just leave it ticking along. Using a folder sync, the sidecar files containing the edits go up as well: what I’m not so good at is regular backups of the Darktable database, must do better.

  4. I’ll second Synology! I did a bunch of research and Drobo’s poor support are what a lot of people complained about. I’ve been super happy with my Synology box and their support so far has been helpful. They are helping me even though we have ruled the Synology box as not the problem.

    Nathan, I use my Synology as my primary means of storage. Being just a hobby photographer, I don’t see the need to tack on another expense. If it was my main source of income, though, I’d definitely be looking at online backups!

  5. Robert H. Yockey

    Regarding the issue of matching raw to jpg, Jarad Platt did a Video for Creative Live suggesting that you create an import preset that matches the camera jpg that you like. He shoots using raw + jpg, shows both in Lightroom, adjusts the raw to the jpg, then saves the result as an import preset. This way his raw imports look like what he sees on the screen when he shoots and he can adjust from there. Haven’t done it yet, but it sounds like a time saving idea.

  6. Rebecca McHugh

    What is a good, durable “stick” light weight tripod to use on a Nikon D3100 SLR camera with a 500 mm lens attached for traveling out west? Thanks for your immediate reply! Rebecca McHugh.

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