Landscape Photography [IP63]

What's in this episode

  • How Ryan Dyar captures jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes
  • How to create a dreamy, soft light effect in your landscape photos
  • How starving artists can market themselves and “make it” in the fine art photography industry
  • and more!

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4 thoughts on “Landscape Photography [IP63]”

  1. anadi chaturvedi

    what about clicking at hyperfocal distance? it guarantees super sharp images till infinity right?!

  2. Loved your podcast. Great interview with ryan. That guys work is soon good. Would you ever do a YouTube channel..

  3. Theoretically – yes. And it does produce sharp images. But focus stacking produces much cleaner and sharper images because at high (small) apertures, there is an optical flaw called diffraction. Most lenses are sharper at, let’s say, f8 – 11 than they are at f18+. This is a technique that can be done in Photoshop. It’s not as hard as it sounds but motion can make it tricky and require some retouching afterwards. I’m fairly new to all this but I have tried a few images using this method and it is great. Just not putting any of it out yet. Just go crazy learning. One thing leads to another 🙂

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