Photography Questions and Answers [IP61]

What's in this episode

  • Changing the file name of your photos for better organization
  • Whether paying the “Adobe Tax” is worth it to buy Photoshop and Lightroom instead of using free photo editing software
  • Setting up a photography website
  • and more!

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10 thoughts on “Photography Questions and Answers [IP61]”

  1. I noted Jim’s comments about using the GIMP.

    However, it’s worth Mac Users trying out Darktable before plumping for Lightroom http://www.darktable.org/install/#osx It’s used a bit differently, but fulfils the same needs to import pictures from SD cards, tag and index them, post-process them and export them. There are some massively powerful modules, and they can be applied by brilliant selective masking since version 1.4.

    And it’s free (libre), so it will cost nothing to try. Lightroom has a much bigger user base, so resources are more widely available, but there are some good introduction videos for Darktable. I use it as my exclusive post-processing and library management software.

    1. @Dunstan – Good tip. I’ll check that software out. But what about when you decide to move to other software after using that for 2 or 3 years? AAGH! It’d be a real mess to move to a different solution since we’re dealing with a database driven program.

  2. Jim,

    What is your website now? Photograhyidaho.com takes me to a Bluehost web service.



  3. Hi Jim,
    I’m an Italian hobbyist and as a first thing I really want to thank you for your great great job! Your podcasts are so informative and entertaining! 🙂

    I’m just sometimes so sorry I live here in the good old Europe, as many things you mention refer (obviously) to the US reality (prices, shops, services, offers… sometimes even camera models have different names!), so I was wondering if it would be possible for you to periodically focus a bit on Europe too (something like a special European edition once in a while or something like that).. of course provided you have a big enough audience here.

    More specifically, in this case I was very sorry to hear about the trip to Iceland as it’s been on my wishlist for so long, and I would really like to visit it together with other photographers… so I sort of would like to join (although many variables in my current life would prevent me from planning so much in advance), but you mention flights from the US. I don’t know how the thing is organised, if you get some special group discounts on a full package or whatever, so I was wondering if it would be possible to join with a self organised trip (at least for the flights)… otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to invite you for some shooting in Italy 🙂

  4. Please HELP!!!

    Hello, My husband has canon EOS 7D. His big 40 birthday is coming up and I want to buy him a new camera (he wants to upgrade to shoot better pictures). Could you PLEASE help me – which camera should I buy that would classify as an upgrade to what he has now (Canon EOS 7D)? Your help in input will be GREATLY appreciated!!!! Thank you in advance!!!

  5. Kerry Gleason

    This is probably a silly question. What program should I use to BEST upload and organize my pictures from my Canon T3i? After filling a 16GB card I have many different subjects and wish to easily upload and organize. I struggle with partial uploading especially. Did you ever do a podcast about this elementary issue? Thanks!

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