Jim’s Secret Photography Addiction [IP59]

What's in this episode

  • Jim's secret photography addiction
  • How to get your photos ranked on Pixoto
  • How photographers can sell their work as stock photography
  • and more!

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8 thoughts on “Jim’s Secret Photography Addiction [IP59]”

  1. Gaétan Corneau

    I like Pixoto, too, but one thing I really don’t like is when I’m presented two terrible photos.
    I haven’t voted for a couple of weeks, I hope they now provide a way to say that both photos suck.

  2. Thanks for this great share! I was not familiar with Pixoto and I don’t spend much time with stock photography but still a great share for all photographers.

  3. Jim, it was an interesting podcast that I enjoyed – prompted by you, I opened a free account with pixoto a few weeks ago, and have found it interesting how the community rates my photos in comparison to my family and friends.
    I felt that in the podcast you spent a lot of time talking about the value you get out of the ratings, and how they weed out random votes, but didn’t spend much time talking about how valuable it can be to *do* the rating. I often find myself spending a moment or two doing a brief critique of both pictures rather than just going with my gut. I think I’m learning from this, particularly thinking about how a picture could be better (so often the light is bad). And I like, when I see a picture I really like, to try to leave a comment describing to the photographer *why* I like it – apart from complimenting the photographer, it helps me to get my thoughts clear.
    Just my tuppenceworth.

  4. Argghh, I am am now completely addicted to Pixoto voting. And I hate when both photos are terrible as well!

  5. Thanks Jim!!! Now I can’t get anything done for spending time on Pixoto!!!! That being said I am able to see how my shots rate from some where other than Facebook. I have even made #2 and #3 for the day on a couple Picts!!! I would love to follow you on Pixoto if there is a way. Thanks for what you do…Keep them coming!

  6. Craig Lybbert

    Thanks for the Pixoto tip, it is informitive to watch which photos go towards the top, and which photos bomb. Some of the photos of mine that I liked haven’t done too good in the ratings, others like cream are rising to the top that I wouldn’t have suspected.
    I am now following you on pixoto so I can watch what you choose to put up there. Very nice work, and thanks for the informative podcast.

  7. Yep, pixoto is quite addictive!

    If I can’t make up my mind or I hate both pics, there is the skip button, which I use quite a lot in the photo duels…

    And it certainly focusses my mind on making the best image I can possibly create.

  8. I don’t agree with Pixoto’s request for my information, just to view photos. Pixoto will become a thing of the past. IMHO 500px is awesome

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