Josh Rossi on Creating Epic Photos [IP55]

Josh Rossi, an advertising and commercial photographer, talks about how new photographers can make make their work stick out from the crowd.

What's in this episode

  • How to get started shooting advertising photography.
  • Tips for compositing and getting the bright, clean “advertising look.”
  • How wedding photographers can book more wedding by creating unique work.
  • and more!

Resources mentioned in this episode

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2 thoughts on “Josh Rossi on Creating Epic Photos [IP55]”

  1. Fantastic and inspiring, thanks Jim and Josh. I’m a designer and budding photographer so this was particularly meaningful to me.

    I look forward to each new episode and article. Well done Jim. Thanks …

  2. Jim,
    I love your site, pod casts and classes….just one thing… Maybe another superlative could make it’s way into your lexicon. I was about awesome’d out this time :).

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