Put Your Photography on the Fast Track [IP56]

Dane Sanders, a wedding photographer and author on the marketing side of photography, talks about how he got started and what makes a photographer successful in the business.

What's in this episode

  • How Dane got his start in wedding photography
  • What it takes to shoot a wedding comeptently
  • How to find your niche in the photography industry
  • and more!

Resources mentioned in this episode

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2 thoughts on “Put Your Photography on the Fast Track [IP56]”

  1. Great interview Jim, please keep up all the good work that you are doing, it is very appreciated. I am having trouble finding my “style” of photography and I really liked the way Dane described that I may not even be able to see my style yet, but once I have taken enough pictures, my style will become apparent.

  2. Ohh shit!!! If I got this before then I may able to capture more beautiful pictures in my elder brother’s wedding. But what ever, This helps me a lot.

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