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5 Ways to Maintain Your Photographic Enthusiasm (Guest Post)

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Get it? Board… like getting BORED with photography? Okay… that was kinda lame. Photo by Daryl Clark.

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought, “I just don’t want to take any photos today?”  Then, that one day becomes another and then another.  I know that does not happen to anyone out there, right?

Good, now that we have established that I am the only one with this problem, I can talk to just myself.  I had a little bit of a slump the other day and that got me thinking about ways to keep me excited and enthusiastic about photography.  I had not lost my passion for photography, just the consistent desire to get out and do it.

I am horrible about self-motivation and maintaining focus.  I get really excited, it wears off shortly and I am onto something else that gets me really excited…like writing this.

I have found that the following five tips have helped me to maintain my focus and enthusiasm for photography.

5.  Take at least one photo every day.  It does not have to be an expeditionary trip to find something to take a photograph.  Just “find the small things” when conditions are not right for the sweeping landscape vistas.

4.  Decide to make a series of photos.  I have begun one called “finding the small things”.  My favorite style of photography is landscape, but conditions are not always conducive to that style, so I chose to make a series called “finding the small things” to occupy my photographic skills when landscape photography is not on the list of photographic skills for the day.  I focus on close-up and medium range photos.

3.  Post photos to social media websites.  Whether it is Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, etc., post photos on a regular basis.  But don’t just post photos…comment on other photos.  I have found this to keep me energized.  I think it is because I believe if I am going to comment on another photo, I begin to criticize my own that much more.

2.  Make a website / blog.  After starting my own website ( ), I made a commitment to post one photo per day.  I have done my best to keep that commitment and have for the most part.  It is a challenge, but it keeps me looking at the world for new and exciting photographic opportunities.

1.  Last, and I believe most important, keep a camera with you at all times.  You don’t have to keep your primary camera with you but at least have something with which to take a photo.  A small point and shoot or cellphone will suffice.  Your brain captures memories all the time, but you can’t share them.  A camera captures memories sometimes, but everyone gets to enjoy them.

Passion for photography is always there, but sometimes you just hit a slump.  Keep thinking of ways to keep the fire going and keep shooting those memories.  What are your ideas to keep the passion flowing?  Leave a comment below to share your idea!

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