Focussion Review: A cool website that helps you get more comments on your photos

How to get more comments on your Flickr photos

Looking over the website stats for Improve Photography last week (WOAH… there are A LOT of you readers!), I noticed that several people found this website after typing in keywords in Google like, “How to get more feedback on my Flickr photos” or similar keywords. Flickr is the largest photo sharing website in the world, and most of the people on the site use it to get feedback on their photos. The trouble with Flickr is that it is nearly impossible to get noticed, unless you are a Flickr extraordinaire like Algo. If you enjoy Flickr and want to improve your Flickr SEO, then check out this post on getting more comments on Flickr.

HOWEVER, I believe there is a much better way to get feedback and comments on your photography. One of them is to try out a website called Focussion. Focussion.com puts a unique spin on photo sharing by working with a token system. When you upload a photo, you use up 25 of your free tokens. The only way you can gain back enough tokens to post more photos is by commenting on the work of other photographers. Each comment earns you 3 tokens. This way, you are much more likely to get your work noticed and get some feedback on the pictures you take. It's like Flickr, but better.

Most people would criticize a website like this because you might think the token system would encourage people to just quickly browse through other people's photos and make meaningless comments like, “Nice pic.” However, that is not the case. I looked through many photos on the website and, while there are obviously some meaningless comments, most of them were specific and helpful feedback for the photographer. One thing that the Dutch owners of the website have done to increase the quality of the feedback is to allow photographers to thumbs up or thumbs down a specific comment to allow the commenter to know whether or not the feedback was helpful. In my opinion, this increases the quality of the commenting drastically.

I was also concerned that a start-up photo sharing site would be slow, but the user interface is expertly designed to allow for large and sharp photos while still keeping file sizes to a minimum. Since I moved to Boise, my internet service has been INCREDIBLY slow, and this website still loaded quite quickly.

In short, if you would like your photos to see the light of day and be seen by other photographers rather than letting your photos simply collect dust on the hard drive, then I recommend Focussion.

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