improve-photography-podcast-tinyWelcome to the Improve Photography Roundtable, a weekly photography podcast hosted by Jim Harmer and joined by the hosts of all the Improve Photography Network Shows. Each week, the hosts get together and share photography tips and tricks from all genres of photography and all skill levels. Improve Photography is one of the most-downloaded photography podcasts on the web.

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jim-harmerJim Harmer is the founded Improve in 2011 and it has grown to one of the largest photography sites on the internet.  He quit working as an attorney to follow his dream of building Improve Photography and now hosts the weekly Improve Photography Podcast, runs a Youtube channel, and holds completely free photography workshops all around the world to thank the readers of the site for their support.  He has authored multiple books, presentations, and video courses.  His works have been published in many of the largest traditional and online publications.  He lives in Caldwell, Idaho with his wife and two boys.  Read more about Jim here.




  1. Larissa

    I would love to receive these podcasts. They look so very interesting! Thank you!

  2. Karen Martin

    Hey, folks, where are the links to just the show notes? I can’t seem to access them directly from my computer (but I can from iTunes).

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