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improve-photography-podcast-tinyWelcome to the Improve Photography Roundtable, a weekly photography podcast hosted by Jim Harmer and joined by the hosts of all the Improve Photography Network Shows. Each week, the hosts get together and share photography tips and tricks from all genres of photography and all skill levels. Improve Photography is one of the most-downloaded photography podcasts on the web.

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jim-harmerJim Harmer is the founded Improve in 2011 and it has grown to one of the largest photography sites on the internet.  He quit working as an attorney to follow his dream of building Improve Photography and now hosts the weekly Improve Photography Podcast, runs a Youtube channel, and holds completely free photography workshops all around the world to thank the readers of the site for their support.  He has authored multiple books, presentations, and video courses.  His works have been published in many of the largest traditional and online publications.  He lives in Caldwell, Idaho with his wife and two boys.  Read more about Jim here.


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44 thoughts on “Improve Photography Podcast”

  1. Jean-Pierre Jacques

    In episode 196, you had a question about the yongnuo flashes. The problem could be his camera. The sony mirrorless camera have a new hotshoe that doesn’t play nice with the 560 tx. I’ve had a lot problem with my a6000 until I found this video

    Basically, the problem is, if you push the 560tx too far in the hotshoe it won’t fire. It might not be his problem with flashes, but it could be.

  2. Jim. No Sd card slots in the new Macs….. From Computerworld:

    “The new MacBook Pro goes further, killing USB ports, SD Card readers and charging ports (and with it, the much beloved MagSafe connector!) in favor of four Thunderbolt 3 ports, which double as USB-C connectors, any one of which can function as a charging port, a data port or a place to connect an external display.”

    I just ordered a new dell xps13… we’ll see!

  3. I’m not sure where to post a question for the podcasts. My question is:
    I have a range of different workflows: 3D , panorama, astrophotography, time lapse, HDR, HDR panorama, normal Raw files… these workflows use different software.
    I often import the contents of a memory card and apply more than one workflow to the contents. Currently I have a card containing raw files for 5 of the above categories.
    Do you have any advice about how to organize the imported files so I can process all the files for one workflow, then the next, etc without needing to go back because I missed some images?
    I have adobe bridge, capture one pro, and Picasa available as organising and cataloguing software.

  4. Jim….Instead of scanning prints, photograph them. The quality is much better regardless of your scanner. Try comparing just one photo between scan and photo and you will see the difference. I did hundreds of prints over a few days.

    I used my camera with my best lens, set up the perpendicular arm on my manfrotto tripod, camera facing down, set up a TV trey beneath my camera, made gaffers tape jig on the trey for placement, and used a remote trigger. Use low ambient light to avoid glare.

    Shoot all the same size pictures together, so you can sync the crop in Lightroom. I made two Lightroom presets based upon the age and quality of the photos to improve contrast and color. Sometimes it was better to leave the photos untouched especially with a lot of black in the photo.

  5. I absolutely loved episode 236; Ryan Wright who lost his camera, rented lens and all his photos of Iceland as it went over the waterfall. That story was unimaginable, funny, passionate, and filled with tenacious people. The best part of the story was when his future girlfriend walks in with the memory card filled with all his photos. That’s an amazing woman!!! Go, Laurel!

  6. Hi,

    I love this podcast but for some reason I don’t get any new episodes since the end of September on my iPhone
    When I enter the podcast for searching for available episodes, the last episode I see is from September 21st.
    I don’t know if it has anything to do with my upgrade to IOS11 or not but I sure wish to continue and listen to this podcast.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi,

      I would like to add that after removing my subscription and trying to subscribe again, I’m not able to subscribe to this podcast (saying the server wasn’t found)
      I tried subscribing to other podcasts and there was no problem.



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