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NOTE: Improve Photography has a family-friendly policy for everything we do. We do not accept nude or semi-nude photos in portfolio reviews.  PLEASE be courteous and do not submit objectionable content through this page.

12 thoughts on “Submit Your Portfolio”

  1. Looking forward to the feedback – I love all the podcasts & the articles! Improve Photography as led me from not knowing what to do with my digital camera to starting my own business. Thanks Jim & all involved!

  2. Really glad I found this opportunity while catching up on all the articles on the Improve Photography website – can’t wait to hear what you have to say

  3. After clicking SUBMIT , I didn’t receive any confirmation that my photos got through. Anybody knows how can i check that?

  4. After submitting my photos, I got a screen that was not totally loaded and didn’t get any confirmation that they were received. How do I know if it worked?

  5. After submitting my photos, I got a screen that was missing information and no confirmation that it worked. Should I be concerned they didn’t get submitted?

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