The 2018 Photography Steal Is Available Now!

PLEASE NOTE: The webinar for the photography steal has been moved to December 14, 2017 at noon MST.  All purchasers will receive an email with instructions.

This is it!  The Photography Steal is here!  For the last five years, our bundle deal has become one of the most popular photography products on the market, with tens of thousands of customers around the world.  But, it's only available for 72 hours and then the sale is gone forever.  Never again will you find this package on sale.

Do something for yourself.  If you love photography but don't get out to shoot enough, this course focusing on the ART of photography just may rekindle your enjoyment.

In the deal, you get the 1 hour “The Art of the Landscape” video training, the 1-hour “Landscapes in Motion” video training, my favorite bundle of Lightroom presets for photographers, and more!

  • 2018 Landscape Artistry one-click presets package for Lightroom$34.99
  • 2018 Motion Landscape one-click presets package for Lightroom – $34.99
  • 1-hour “The Art of the Landscape” video training – $99.99
    • Includes on-locations photo shoots in 2 countries showing how to make creative compositions in your photos
    • Focuses on the ART of photography rather than just the technique
  • 1-hour “Landscapes in Motion” video training – $99.99
    • The full, in-depth tutorial on creating stunning timelapse photography from basic to advanced
    • Timelapse photography is, unquestionably, the most fun and popular trend in nature photography.  Take advantage of it!
  • Exclusive Webinar – $55
  • Other goodies: $30


Regular Price – $354.96     Sale Price – $38

Order now and you'll receive your download immediately after purchase.  The link will also be emailed to you if you prefer to download later or on another device.

Can I wait and get this deal later?  NO WAY!  This isn't like your local furniture store that has a sale every week.  It's now or never.  As soon as the sale ends, the price will go up to $354.96 and will stay there.  Forever.  You'll never see the 2018 Photography Steal on sale again.  So unless money grows on trees and you don't mind paying 10 times more later… well, you get the idea.

Do the presets work on any version of Lightroom?  Yep!  Whether you're on Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, the all-new Lightroom, or whatever else, they'll be available to you.  The only minor caveat is that a select few of the presets use a feature only available in Lightroom 6 & CC, which is the dehaze tool, as well as a reduced feature set available for the all-new Lightroom.  But we build backwards compatibility into every preset so you can use all of the presets even if you don't have that specific tool.   No special software needed to use the presets other than Lightroom itself. These are presets for Lightroom and not the Lightroom software from Adobe.  No computer requirements.

Is Lightroom Software Bundled with the Product?  No.  Lightroom is a separate software tool offered by Adobe Systems Inc which must be purchased separately to use the presets.

When is the webinar?  WHAT is the webinar?  The webinar is your opportunity to learn Jim's landscape photography tips and tricks in a more personal way.  The webinar will be held on December 13, 2017 at noon MST and will be recorded for those not able to watch live.

 Aaah!  I didn’t get my download link after purchase! No sweat.  Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get it fixed for you immediately.

Aaah!  I’m having trouble installing the presets! Have no fear.  Installing presets is a piece of cake and I made step-by-step instructions on how to do it here.

Aaah!  I’m away from my computer right now.  Can I buy now and transfer them over later? No problem.  You’ll get a download link in your email when the product is released.  When you get to your computer just download them and don’t lose the folder.  If you don't see the link check your spam and transactional folders.  You can transfer the purchase to as many computers as you use.

What about copyright? Feel free to use these styles on ANY of your personal OR commercial work.  No need to give attribution.  Your photos are yours–we just want to help you to make them awesome!

If I’m planning on getting Lightroom later, can I get the deal now and install the presets when I have the program? You bet!  The presets and video training will come in a downloaded folder.  Then when you get Lightroom, you can install the presets following the directions in the folder and you’re off to the races!  You can even download a free 30 day trial of Lightroom to get using the presets today.  If you don’t have Lightroom, you can buy the most current version of it here.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: Lightroom is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.  This website and sale is not affiliated nor endorsed in any way by Adobe Systems Inc.  This is a sale by a third party company, Improve Photography LLC, which is offering presets for use with Lightroom software that must be purchased separately from Adobe.If you have any trouble with your order, you can always email us at [email protected]

14 thoughts on “The 2018 Photography Steal Is Available Now!”

  1. What a relief, thank you. I have been obsessively checking the website all week.
    I love the theme, it first perfectly with what my mood and needs and all at a really great price.

    1. I ordered this & was sent a link with a 25 DL limit. This looks to be a receipt & not the downloads. Will I receive an emailed link on Monday?

      1. Yep! Just as promised here on the sales page, if you pre-ordered, you’ll receive a link on Monday to download. If you buy Monday or later, you’ll download immediately. Thanks for your purchase.

  2. Hey Jim, I once bought your preset and I loved it! but then I moved to Indonesia somehow it’s gone, I’m not sure why I couldn’t recover it. I forgot about it until I receive your email for the new offer and I want to buy this one but is there any expiration on this thing? I don’t want to lose it again of course.

  3. I’m debating weather to buy this or sign up for the IPPlus. Are all these videos and courses downloadable on IPPlus?


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