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photo-taco-smallWelcome to Photo Taco, the only photo tips you can learn in the time it takes to eat a taco–or perhaps a burrito. Photo Taco is the off-beat, hilariously boring photography show for amateur and enthusiast photographers. Jeff Harmon breaks down interesting and unique photography tips and invites other photographers from the Improve Photography Network to join the show once per week. Ole!

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49 thoughts on “Photo Taco Podcast”

  1. Jeremy Woundy

    Is there a way to browse all of the past episodes? I can only see about 2 hand fulls on iTunes and about the same amount on this page on your website. I tried scrolling up and down and it didn’t seem to move. Am I crazy or is there a way I’m not seeing or don’t know about. Thanks in advance!

  2. I’ve got LR CC and PS. I shoot raw with a Canon 5d Mk3. My imports to LR are about 20+ MB. When I round trip to PS, even for the simplest edits, I get a file back that is 100+ MB. This is totally unacceptable, because I’m using my MBP HD, and this will quickly fill this up. How can I round trip photos to PS and get back a file equal to the one I sent. I’m not using layers at all. Just doing simple stuff. Thanks!!

  3. Wow – the latest Microsoft vs. Apple podcast was dead on perfect! great info that helped to explain some of the limitations of the new platforms. I had been looking at both and scratching my head about why 16GB, why no SD card slot, why $$$$ and you did a great job of explaining each of these!

  4. Wondering if you could do a show about geotagging solutions for DLSR’s. I have a Nikon D810, and I’d love to have it automatically geotag my photos, but obviously the camera doesn’t have a built-in GPS to do that. After doing some research, it seems like every solution I’ve seen has problems (either taking up the hotshoe, no 10-pin throughput, incompatible with certain lenses due to size, relies on cellphone signal, inaccurate, etc.) and there doesn’t seem to be a simple answer to how best to go about it…

  5. Hey man! Just listened to the comfort zone podcast. I wrote about this just a few weeks back. It is a great excercise and I can’t express enough how this can help you grow as a photographer. You can see my article here:


    Also, not sure if this helps or not but years ago I played with shooting sports too. My “in” was to contact our local sports radio station. They covered the local HS games and were stoked to have a free shooter. Got to shoot several HS games in Florida that season from the sidelines with creds from the station.

    Hope you are feeling better 🙂

  6. Good morning Mark, and thank you for yet another interesting and informative podcast.
    You made mention during this latest podcast of your catalog size. The cat size has been a concern to me ever since I started getting a warning when starting the catalog back up routine when shutting down Lightroom. I get a notice that due to my catalog size is over 4G, I will need to use a 3rd party program to recover if ever needed.
    My catalog shows I have 68,000 photos, and I see my catalog size is:
    Lightroom Catalog.lrcat = 10.95G
    Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata = 78.2G
    Lightroom Catalog Smart Previews.lrdata = 261M

    This might be a good subject to cover in one of your podcasts, I for one am completely at a loss as to what is normal when it comes to these file sizes, and what a particular size may mean and how to address it,, ,if important.
    Any info you could throw my way would be much appreciated.

    And again, thanks for your great podcast, I never miss an episode.

    1. Thanks Antoni for checking in here. PhotPills has earned my respect. Hopefully we can work out a time to have one of your team join the show to talk about the app more specifically.

  7. If I understood you correctly on the podcast, you attributed the DotTune method to Fred Miranda.

    Fred Miranda actually gives credit for the method to a fellow FM member whose username on the FM site is ‘snapsy’.

    I learnt of the DotTune method on DPReview where the same individual is known as ‘horshack’.

  8. Hi Jeff. I can only access the 30 most recent podcasts. I’d like to listen to them all from the beginning. Is there a way I can download all of the Photo Taco podcast archives? I love, love, love the show. Thanks.

  9. The Photo Taco Facebook Forum would seem to be shutdown. There doesn’t seem to be a link to here on the main Improve Photography page. (nor to any of the podcasts). It’s getting hard to find you these days. I also see the last PT podcast was 10 days ago. Are the IP podcasts being phased out? Say it ain’t so Jeff! I learn much from your podcast in particular.

    1. Just doing a little renovation Rick. So glad to hear you like Photo Taco and it isn’t going anyway just being changed up a bit. Have a single Improve Photography Podcast Facebook group now (moderating the different groups was taking too much time). Also going to have Photo Taco come in the Improve Photography Podcast feed instead of separately. Subscribe and stay tuned there.

  10. I am in big trouble, I performed a catalog backup and optimization last night, hadn’t been done in a very long time.
    Before this my top folder picture count was 25000.
    When I started Lightroom this morning the count had dropped by 600.
    Did I lose them? How do I get them back?
    They are not in the trash can. Oh, I’m on an i-Mac.
    Any help would be greatly apreciatted.

  11. You lost a follower. Can’t afford Adobe, think it is overpriced. Want a podcast for photography, not one for Photoshop

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