What's in the newsletter?

Each Tuesday I send out a full tutorial of how I created a photo.  But this isn't any regular old photo tutorial.  In the newsletter, I share ALL the details that most professional photographers won't.  I show you my camera settings, where I got the idea for the photo, and even the unedited photo and exactly how it's post-processed.

The newsletter has become EXTREMELY popular among readers!  I often get over 100 responses from each email with positive comments.

How often will the newsletter come?

Once a week–every Tuesday.

Can I get the past newsletters?

No, I'm sorry.  I'm saving them up to put together in a book which will be available in early 2015, but since you're on the newsletter, you get the insider scoop!

What about spam?

I actually like SPAM (the kind you put on a bagel to make a Spambled Egg and Cheese), but not email SPAM.  I don't allow advertisers to place messages in the newsletter.

142 thoughts on “Newsletter”

  1. Ahh! I tried subscribing a few weeks ago at work and didn’t get the confirmation email. I must’ve deleted it on accident and I missed out on receiving them!! Bummer!!

    Invaluable service though. Cannot wait to get the details!!

  2. Can’t wait to read the newsletter! Sorry about the loss of your camera but very much looking forward to reading about the photo!

  3. Hi, your pop-up for signing up to the newsletter is giving me the following error: There was an error saving the data. AWeber returned the following message: Object: None, name: u’subscribers’


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