Get Paid to Write about Photography

First let’s decide which type of article is the best fit for you: Basic or Featured

Basic Contributors

While Improve Photography features only some articles on the homepage, hundreds of basic articles are published on other areas of the website. They are usually easy and quick to write, and are a great way to build your reputation for writing.

Basic article and contributor things to know:

  • Writing these articles will earn you $15 per article, and they only take a few minutes to write.
  • Only 500 words in length (approximately 5 paragraphs).
  • Focused on a very niche topic that we provide for you (Don’t write a Canon T5i review.  Write about how to use long exposure noise reduction on a Canon T5i).
  • No need to include any photos.  We’ll find the photos to illustrate the article.
  • Basic contributors will be added to a private Facebook group where we post a list of 10-20 article topics each week that we would like to purchase.  Simply pick one of the topics and write the post on it, and you’ll get paid $15 for your submission (assuming it meets the editor’s approval for publication, of course!).
  • No time commitments. Simply pick a topic from our Facebook group, comment on the post saying you’re writing it, write it, approve it, and get paid for it!

After reading and agreeing to our legal terms here, join the private Facebook group for contributors here.

Featured Contributors

Featured Contributors write the highest quality articles and content that will appear on the Improve Photography home page.  You don’t have to be a world-class photographer or writer to be a featured contributor, but you should have enough photography knowledge to share interesting tips and unique ideas. This type of content is more difficult and time-consuming to produce, but it does come with some weighty benefits.

Benefits of being a Featured Contributor:

  • $45 per article and $60 per video tutorial – articles are 1,500 words or more
  • Get your picture, and bio appear on every article you write.
  • Get a link from Improve Photography to your own websites or portfolios (if you have them).
  • Often have your article shared hundreds of thousands of times across the web.

In order to become a Featured Contributor, you must commit to submitting content regularly to Improve Photography–usually on a weekly basis.  Featured Contributors are given an article topic to write on, and will have a day of the week when they submit their article for publishing(for example, you may have a weekly article that goes out every Monday). You can write your article any time and we’ll schedule it to go out.  You can always work ahead a few weeks if you’ll be gone  or unavailable to write during a week.

To become a featured contributor, please email us at [email protected] and tell us a little about yourself.  We’ll be in touch.
Continue here to see our legal agreement.

5 thoughts on “Get Paid to Write about Photography”

  1. im italian photographer .. now i live in philippines but soon i come in Cambodia . im 46 years old and i buy my first camera Bencini koroll 2 at 5 years old … im expert in analogic film and digital pics ..
    my english is not so good but i have a person cal help me reading articles.

    best regards Francesco Bombardieri .. alias artistic name Franco Neri

  2. Dave Steckler

    I am interested in writing for IP as a basic contributor. Please let me know what the next step might be. Eventually, I would like to work up to a Feature writer.

    I have a question also. Is there some kind of “map” or method for finding all the pages that you mention on the Podcast? I listen to the Podcast on my commute and hear you mention different topics on such and such a page but after I get home, I can’ remember what they are.

    If I missed an obvious answer, please let me know.


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