Over the last 6 years, this page has served millions of photographers with tips on the best photography gear available. I feel like helping everyone find inexpensive, high quality photography gear is one of the most important parts of what I do.

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars in gear over the last few years so I can test as much gear as possible, and the best stuff is recommended here.

I hope you find this recommended gear section helpful, and I hope to save you a buck too.



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  1. You were commenting some time ago on one of your podcasts that it’d be great if you could get dials\sliders for use in LightRoom\Photoshop. Well last week I attended the UK Photography Show and the Canadian company PaletteGear (https://palettegear.com/) was there showing off it’s products. They are buttons, sliders & knobs that can be programmed for any control in Adobe (and other) products. They plug in vie one USB and then magnetically attach so they can be rearranged as you wish. I have already bought the Expert pack and am now about to buy the Professional pack. It was the outcome of a Kickstarter project which has been successful – You really should take a look and review.

    Long time listener:
    Paul Steel

  2. The Lens Finder is awesome! I was looking for a stronger zoom lens but didn’t want to pay more than $1000 for it (I’m an amateur with a limited budget). The Lens Finder found just what I needed and in the right price range. Thanks for providing such a useful service. PS I love the podcast and the YouTube channel.

  3. Does anyone recall the podcast that mentioned the 3D printed lens protector that makes it difficult for a thief to steal the lens off a Canon DSLR? I would like to see about getting one and cannot seem to find it.

  4. Please can i also get more tips about my camera Nikon D7200 on how i can take better shots. Thank you

  5. You seem to be missing some newer and rather interesting lenses. For example, the Nikon 28-300 FX lens. I highly recommend it for someone who wants to have maximum flexibility. There is only one drawback, and that is the weight. It does however replace a whole bag full of lenses. I happen to shoot a D610, but there is a corresponding lens for DX photographers as well.

  6. Thank you fir the information. Nice article with various options to the gears provided. Thank you for sharing.

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    My name is Mr Thanh. I live in Viet Nam and I am a happy man today? Thanks for the writeup. I’ve been talking about this topic a great deal lately with my brother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view:

  8. Cornish Wedding Photography.

    Hi everybody. I wanted to get some recommendations on wet weather protection for my gear when out shooting. I’m using Canon gear and in this part of the world it tends to rain alot!


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