Flash Photography Basics: Mastering Flash Photography

This is the last installment of my Flash Photography Basics Series.  To start at the beginning of the tutorial, click here.

There are other places on the web you can go to learn about flash photography, so I appreciate your support of Improve Photography.  I want to make sure you don't stop here.  There are TONS of additional ways for you to continue learning about flash photography.  I want to point you to those resources now.  Some of the resources are my own trainings on flash photography, and others are from different photographers who I respect.

Click here to see more information about my Online Flash Photography Class, and even watch a sample lesson.

The video course is totally downloadable or streamable on any device.  In the videos I'll take you with me on-location shooting models, groups, families, and individuals.  I'll show you step-by-step how I set up the flash, work with natural light, fire multiple flashes wirelessly, and much more.

If you aren't interested in learning from me or a class isn't in your budget, there are other great resources available to you.  One great blog to follow for flash photography tutorials is The Strobist.  David Hobby frequently writes on his blog with news and information about flash photography as well as behind-the-scenes information about his shoots.

Another resource is Lightstalking.  This blog is a general photography website, but some of their articles have great info about flash photography.

Last, check out this National Geographic Gallery where you'll pick up some flash photography inspiration.

I hope you'll join me in an online photography class so I can continue to show you the things I've learned in as simple and understandable a way as possible, but no matter how you continue to learn, I wish you the best.  Learning flash photography has done more to improve my photos than any other technique, and I hope you find that to be true for you as well.


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Jim Harmer

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37 thoughts on “Flash Photography Basics: Mastering Flash Photography”

  1. Just the kick in the backside I needed to get me to play with my speedlite with confidence and to actually understand what I am seeing, doing, and achieving. I still have loads to learn, but I’m no longer scared of manual mode–well, maybe a little. Looking forward to getting into the Flash Class (not to be confused with Flash Dance, of course…)

    Thanks again!

  2. Perfect introduction to the use of speedlights. My knowledge level in this area was low, as a result of the tutorial I now have an action plan to try out 5x lighting arrangements with a model later this month. BTW I also took your advice and bought the Yongnuo 560 III and RF 603 transceivers from Amazon. Many thanks, much appreciated, Tony.

  3. I have read what seems like hundreds of articles online in the past few months but this flash photography tutorials has just made me see the light (no puns intended!). Thank you and I will definitely take up on your online tutorial class soon!

  4. I am catching up on podcasts and heard you talking about the most important thing you can do to improve your photography. Flash! This was a great intro and I plan on taking your full class. Thank you for the great info.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Great tutorial! I’m returning to photography after a hiatus. Shaking off the cobwebs now, so to speak (worked as a freelance assistant years ago). Within the last 30 days I bought a Yongnuo 560ii speedlight & RF-603N transceivers. Having too much fun! Thanks again for the tutorial. Keep up the good work. Be well!

  6. Thanks for the tips, I have done your portrait course and learnt a lot. However when you talk about flash it always seems to be for people and portraits. Do you have any examples where you use flash on other subjects?


  7. Great tutorial on lighting! I purchased and was using flash photography (Nikon Flash units, umbrellas, reflectors, lights on stands, LED’s, etc.) and frankly, I hated using them so much that I started avoiding taking pictures in situations where they were necessary as much as possible. But your tutorial explains so well the importance of light that I’m going to try to go back to these tools and see if I can make some progress. Yes, photography—it’s all about the light!

    Thanks for your generous sharing of information.

  8. Rachael Fairbanks

    I enjoyed your Flash Photography Basic Series! I have always loved taking photos, so I have tried going to photo classes, groups, clubs and even watched other tutorials…however none have taught me as much as yours have. After lots of research/reviews I came across your site. I am currently taking your Beginner & Intermediate Class Bundle. (I decided to start from the beginning and I’m glad I did) I am close to finishing the Beginner Class and look forward to moving on. Your classes are so inspirational/motivational. I am excited to be out experimenting with what I have learned (so far) in your videos. I will definitely sign up for Flash Photography Class/Portrait. Thank you so much for all you do. PS-I am also learning from your podcasts! A+++

  9. Muchas gracias!

    This is just amazing for loosing the fear to using flashes.

    Very clear and important information.

    Not everyone share their “secrets” or even the basics, so I really appreciate you being open and giving advice 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for this easy to understand yet tremendously helpful tutorial! I will be looking forward to your flash photography online courses.

  11. Jim,
    That was a Marvellous Primer on Flash Photography!
    I did a much longer & thorough Photography course in which amodule on Flash/Lighting was included but l got lost bcos l couldn’t grasp the Basics.
    I even bought a Yongnuo & another Speedlight & wasn’t able to do anything with them!
    I’ve learned more about lighting in the last 45 mins from reading thru your ‘Basics’ than l’ve done in my entire efforts to date.
    I live on the West Coast of lreland where ‘Broadband’ is slow & unpredictable. I’m going to have a hard look at your advanced course & see if l can manage it.

    The only other words l can say are: Thank You
    Regards & Appreciations, Con O Doherty

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