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Tenba Cooper 15: A real-world review

In Gear, Uncategorized by GregNoel1 Comment

Overview The Tenba Cooper 15 and others in the Cooper Series were released in fall 2015.  So it has been available now just over 2 years.   So why do a review of the bag now?   I was recently in the market for a new bag, and I came across the Tenba Cooper as an option …

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How Printing Will Improve your Photography

In Uncategorized by Kirk Bergman2 Comments

I started taking my photography hobby seriously about 3 years ago when I decided I wasn’t going to let another hobby atrophy and die because I wasn’t putting in the effort to make it great.  Like most people, I saw big improvements after a few months just by making it a point to get out …

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How to Get Started in Conservation Photography

In Landscape/Nature, Uncategorized by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

As photographers, we have a special appreciation for the landscapes, buildings and animals, as well as the people and cultures we encounter as we travel the world.  For many of us, those are our subjects and may even provide our livelihood.  Unfortunately, many species, places, cultures and buildings are under threat from development, neglect, disease, …

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Review:  NiSi Natural Night Filter

In Gear, Uncategorized by GregNoel2 Comments

If you are an astrophotographer or night photographer then you almost certainly have run into the horrible yellow glow of light pollution or the ugly yellow cast that street lights spread over urban nightscapes.   This light pollution and yellow cast can hide stars and mess with the white balance of your scene.    Thanks to the …

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Smoke Photography – A How-to Guide

In Photo Basics, Uncategorized by Rick Ohnsman8 Comments

You may have heard the expression; “It’s all done with smoke and mirrors.”  The Urban Dictionary defines the phrase this way: Smoke & Mirrors 01: Something / Someone that deceives or distorts the truth.  02:Something / Someone that distorts or blurs facts, figures, etc., like a magic or  conjuring work; artful deception; tricky inventiveness. I …

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13 Tips for Starting a Photography YouTube Channel

In Uncategorized by Julian Baird2 Comments

The use of social media in photography has become prevalent in recent years.  Though most photographers now share their still images on social media, many are now taking it to the next level by sharing their knowledge and stories using video.  So if you are thinking about putting yourself out there on YouTube, here are …

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How to Register Your Photographs With the U.S. Copyright Office

In Uncategorized by Brenda Petrella9 Comments

Are your photographs protected against copyright infringement? What rights do you have and how do you properly protect your images from theft? This article will review the basics of copyright protection for photography and how to incorporate copyright registration into your normal workflow. Full disclosure: I am not giving any legal advice or legal interpretation …

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21 Photography YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

In Uncategorized by Julian Baird8 Comments

YouTube is a fantastic resource for photographers.  There is a vast array of content to suit almost every photographer at any level.  There channels dedicated to education, on location shooting, entertainment and even news.  But with so many channels to pick from which channel’s should you subscribe to?  In this article, I’ll tell you about 21 …