Photoshop v. Lightroom, Flash Photography Setups, and Picking a Portrait Photography Lens

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The Improve Photography Podcast is a free audio recording, published once per week, where Jim answers photography questions that are sent in by the Improve Photography community.

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Guide to Episode One

[1:35] Choosing Photoshop or Lightroom for your first photo editing program

Jim recommends that most users will find Lightroom 4 to be the best program to get started in photo editing.  Lightroom is simple to use and very powerful for doing basic Camera Raw-like edits on photos.  One of the best features in Lightroom is using presets, which allow users to quickly stylize many photos.

If you don't have the budget to purchase Lightroom, you might consider Adobe Creative Cloud or Photoshop Elements.

[5:05] How to accept positive criticism about your photography, while avoiding getting down

Jim mentions that anyone in the Improve Photography community who happens to live in the Boise area is welcome to use the Improve Photography Studio in Caldwell during business hours if you need somewhere to shoot during the cold winters.  Contact Jim or Dustin to schedule a free shoot at the studio.

The key to accepting criticism of your photography is to be humble and accept the fact that sometimes the person, even if they express their ideas in a rude manner, the person giving the critique may have ideas for you to improve.  However, it's tough to be humble when you've poured your heart and soul into creating good photos.  So, Dustin recommends letting the water roll off the duck's back (which Jim thinks is a funny analogy), and not letting yourself get dragged down by negative brats.  No matter how good you get, someone will always find fault with your work, because photography is entirely subjective.

[11:02] A listener in New Jersey asks how we would recommend setting up flashes to photograph a choir group

Jim mentions that the listener's thought to use a Lightsphere may not be the best idea.  Jim said that the cost of the Lightsphere when he saw it was around $60.  The cost right now on Amazon is $45, but this is not one of the products that Jim recommends.  Instead, Jim uses the Rogue Flashbender for shooting on-camera flash.

But for photographing a choir, Jim recommends setting up two flashes fired remotely.  The flashes should fire into silver reflective umbrellas and then bounce the light back onto the group.  For specific flash gear that Jim recommends, check his flash gear list here.

[17:35] A listener from Colorado asks for basic tips on shooting concert photography

Dustin recommends using a zoom lens instead of a prime lens, as it will afford the photographer quick changes in zoom length and type of photo.  Jim recommends shooting in manual or using lots of exposure compensation to get creative exposures that capture the smoke and lighting of the location.

[22:05] A listener from Scotland asks what cell phone camera is king of the hill

Jim says the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 are the two best cell phone cameras on the market right now.  Dustin and Jim agree that the iPhone 5 has a slightly better camera than the comparable Android version.  In the answer for this question, Jim mentioned his Online Intermediate Photography Class.

[27:38] How to calibrate multiple monitors for photo editing

Jim recommends the Spyder 4 camera calibration device as it is easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

Dustin is mostly jealous that the listener has four monitors 🙂

[29:43] The listener has a Lowepro Fastpack camera bag and wants to know what Jim and Dustin would recommend as a pro camera bag

Jim recommends the Clik Elite Pro camera bag.  It holds tons of gear including pro lenses, has a chest and waist strap, and is less expensive than other bags with similar features.  Oh, and it looks awesome!

[33:20] A listener from Utah wants to know if there are good alternatives to the heavy 70-200mm f/2.8 lens

Jim and Dustin mention the 70-200mm f/4 lens as an alternative, but it doesn't have the fast aperture of the f/2.8 version of the lens.  There really is no silver bullet for this answer, but you may look at ways to carry the camera better so that it doesn't weigh you down so much.  Jim likes the Black Rapid RS-5 camera strap to take off the weight of the camera.

Dustin mentions that purchasing a battery grip for your camera can also make the camera more comfortable to hold.

[38:33] The Improve Photography Minute

Jim and Dustin are working OVERTIME to fix issues on the website that have happened this week.

The Improve Photography Facebook group is about to reach 50,000 fans

Improve Photography is working on a head-to-head comparison of all the online print labs

[39:50] Dustin's Plug of the week is Snapseed, an iPhone/iPad based photo editing app.  It's awesome!

[42:55] Jim's Plug of the Week is Pec-Pads (available on Amazon.com).  These one-time-use cleaning pads are perfect for cleaning a camera sensor or lens.

Thanks for watching the Improve Photography Podcast!  Submit your photography question for the podcast at ImprovePhotography.com/podcastquestion.  One person who submits a question for the podcast this week will win a free online photography class.

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  1. Hey Jim, I’m really stoked you guys are getting this going. Can’t wait to give it a listen.

    Will there be an RSS feed for this podcast so we can download it via BeyondPod or similar on out phones? Perhaps I missed it, but I only see a streaming option on the site currently.

  2. Added to say that using the normal RSS subscription does provide that ability, all the other non-audio posts appear in the list as well, but that’s no problem. Answered my own question!

  3. Very interesting and helpful. I’m glad you have decided to help other learn how to enjoy and improve their photography.

  4. Just listened to your first podcast. It was great. I am new to photography and so am trying to learn (and remember) everything!! I love your website, I have found your information about ISO’s, F-stops etc great for a beginner.

  5. Thanks so much guys – great tag-team communicating. Loved hearing and writing down tips and product names/numbers throughout the podcast. This was truly, one of the most informative 1-hour investments of time in the 6 months of setting up my photography business.

  6. I have really been enjoying the podcasts! I am learning so much! Thank you so much for your time and willingness to share your expertise!

  7. I discovered your podcast a few weeks ago, so I’m catching up. In this podcast, you say that you were reviewing online photo printing services, but I can’t find any reviews on your web sites or in later podcasts. What photo printing services do you recommend for best quality and value? Thanks.

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