Best Camera Backpack for Hiking

Hiking can be challenging enough without having to transport the additional weight of your camera.

This is where a camera backpack comes in handy, providing a convenient place for storing your camera and equipment offering protection from the outdoors, and any adverse weather conditions that you may encounter. 

There are many factors involved in selecting the best backpack, from its size and storage capacity to the comfort that it offers as you embark on your journey.

We have done the hard work for you and browsed the market selecting our top five picks of the best products available.

If you would find some additional guidance beneficial in making your purchase, below you will find a handy buyers guide containing our top tips for choosing the best backpack for your needs.

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Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Black Pro Modular Backpack with All Weather Cover for Laptop Up to 15 Inch, Tablet, Canon/Sony Alpha/Nikon DSLR, Mirrorless CSC and DJI Mavic Drones LP37177-PWW, Black
2,061 Reviews
Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Black Pro Modular Backpack with All Weather Cover for Laptop Up to 15 Inch, Tablet, Canon/Sony Alpha/Nikon DSLR, Mirrorless CSC and DJI Mavic Drones LP37177-PWW, Black
  • Tough eva moulded top armoured section and protective padding all round the bag ensures equipment inside is protected
  • Flexible and adaptive dividers inside allow multiple configurations of camera kit to be positioned with ease
  • Modular Includes two quick lock straps and a slip lock tripod cup to mount a tripod securely also fits multiple accessories in the lowepro range with the slip lock system
  • Comfortable carrying with the activzone system technology delivers targeted support at shoulder blades lumbar and waist for all day carry comfort
  • Protective laptop carrying with cradlefit pocket suspends and protects up to 15-Inch laptop for 450 and 13-Inch for the 350 model


  • The rain safeguard is going to protect your valuable equipment from unexpected downpours.
  • As a lightweight backpack, it is easier to carry.
  • As a versatile backpack, you can organize and customize the interior layout to accommodate your camera and equipment.
  • This backpack has been designed with quality and durability as a priority.
  • Retailing within a relatively affordable price range this is an ideal choice for photographers on a budget.

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking – Comparison Table

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking – Reviews

Our Pick
Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Black Pro Modular Backpack with All Weather Cover for Laptop Up to 15 Inch, Tablet, Canon/Sony Alpha/Nikon DSLR, Mirrorless CSC and DJI Mavic Drones LP37177-PWW, Black
Our rating:

With raving customer reviews and an impressive star rating, there is no denying that the Lowepro Protactic BP 450 AW II camera backpack is worthy of your purchase.

With an EVA molded top armor section and a padded exterior, this is a durably designed backpack that is going to protect your camera and equipment from any potential damage.

Courtesy of the flexible and adaptive dividers, you can customize the interior of the backpack, creating compartments that allow you to store all of your camera equipment with ease.

An organized backpack also makes it easier to grab your camera and equipment when you are faced with an unmissable photo opportunity.

Designed with a slip lock system this backpack enables you to store additional equipment and your tripod securely so you don't have to worry about them becoming damaged by floating loose inside your backpack.

The Addition of activzone system technology delivers unbeatable support for all-day comfort and ease when carrying your camera and equipment on lengthy expeditions.

  • The rain safeguard is going to protect your valuable equipment from unexpected downpours.
  • As a lightweight backpack, it is easier to carry.
  • As a versatile backpack, you can organize and customize the interior layout to accommodate your camera and equipment.
  • This backpack has been designed with quality and durability as a priority.
  • Retailing within a relatively affordable price range this is an ideal choice for photographers on a budget.
  • Some may find this too small for the camera and equipment that they are hoping to store inside.

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack for Outdoor Hiking Trekking with 15.6 Laptop Compartment
Our rating:

If you are looking for a backpack that is spacious enough to store larger camera equipment, the Endurax extra large outdoor hiking backpack isn't going to disappoint.

Designed with multiple storage compartments this backpack can store two cameras, multiple lenses, and any other pieces of equipment that are likely to be accompanying you on your hike.

You can be assured that your camera equipment is going to be stored safely in this backpack thanks to the PVA front panels which ensure your delicate gadgets are protected from any potential damage.

The additional storage compartments provide you with plenty of space to organize and store any other camera equipment. 

The contoured shoulder straps allow you to transport this backpack with ease, taking the pressure off your neck Impressively, this padding is effectively ventilated allowing you to hike in comfort.

Aside from having the capacity to store your camera and additional equipment, this backpack can also store laptops and tablets if needed.

  • Backed with a year's warranty there is help available should you happen to be dissatisfied with your backpack.
  • As an extra-large backpack, it offers plenty of space for storing your camera and additional equipment.
  • When you purchase this backpack you will also receive a free waist camera bag so you have additional storage space available.
  • The included rain cover protects your belongings from getting damaged if you happen to be confronted with adverse weather conditions.
  • As a PVA armored backpack, it has been durably designed to protect the belongings stored inside.
  • The stitching on this backpack is prone to loosening following a few uses which may suffer more when subject to carrying a heavier load.

Camera Backpack, BAGSMAR DSLR Camera Bag Backpack, Anti-Theft and Waterproof Camera Backpack for Photographers, Fit up to 15' Laptop with Rain Cover, Black
Our rating:

The Bagsmart camera backpack combines an aesthetically pleasing appearance with excellent quality to create a backpack that is going to satisfy all of your needs when it comes to storing your camera and equipment.

Alongside the main compartment, this bag has been designed with many additional compartments so you have plenty of room to store your camera equipment and gadgets.

Each of the pockets have shock-absorbing bottoms that protect your belongings from any possible impact felt from the ground.

While some may find the main compartment easier to access via the buckle, it can also be accessed via the side zips and front zips. Never miss a moment when it comes to capturing those unexpected photographs.

The buckle and metal hook is an effective anti-theft design which makes it difficult for others to access your belongings behind your back, quite literally. You can walk assured that your belongings will remain in the secure position that you stored them in.

Made using waterproof materials, your valuable belongings aren't going to get damaged if you should find yourself hiking in the rain, particularly favorable for those who often find themselves hiking in adverse weather conditions.

  • This backpack is available in a range of different colors so you can select the one that suits your preferences.
  • Affordably priced this backpack is great value for money, ideal for those on a budget.
  • The quick access points ensure that you never miss a photo opportunity.
  • Impressively, this backpack features multiple different storage compartments so you aren’t restricted in space.
  • Made using waterproof materials, this backpack isn't going to protect your belongings when used in wet and rainy conditions.
  • The material that it is made from is a little thin which may affect the backpack's long-term durability.

TARION Pro XP Camera Backpack Waterproof Camera Bag Hard Shell Roll Top Expandable Large Camera Backpack 19L | 15' Laptop Compartment Rain Cover Back Access Phtography Hiking Camera Backpack
Our rating:

When it comes to finding the best camera backpack, a pleasing design and plenty of storage are preferable and the TARION PRO XP backpack provides you with just that. 

With a 19L spacious main storage compartment, you can store a laptop and a camera at once, or with the use of the storage dividers it can store 2 DSLR cameras along with two additional lenses, you certainly aren’t restricted on space.

In terms of security, you can be assured that your belongings are going to remain safe when stored inside your backpack.

The padded dividers not only keep the camera and equipment in their designated areas but the padding ensures that they are protected from damage.

Impressively, this backpack also features an anti-theft design making it difficult for others to access your belongings. This is courtesy of the buckle and zip design which hold the contents securely in place.

However, if you find yourself needing to access the camera quickly, the convenient side compartment allows you to reach and grab your camera with ease.

  • Made using high-density polyester this is a rugged and durable backpack that is going to resist harsh outdoor conditions particularly well.
  • Available in a range of colors, you can select the backpack that accommodates your taste.
  • The designated storage compartment ensures that all of your belongings are secured in designated sections of the backpack.
  • Courtesy of the ergonomic design, this backpack is easy to transport.
  • Retailing within an affordable price range, this backpack is an ideal choice for those who are on a tighter budget.
  • This backpack is prone to breaking after a few uses so the quality could be improved.

Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Bag Backpack, Black
Our rating:

The Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack has been designed with padded storage compartments that provide maximum protection to your camera and equipment when stored inside.

Furthermore, these compartments are also customizable so you can organize the inside of your backpack as you want.

Aside from the spacious central compartment, this backpack also features a few handy external compartments along with a side panel that offers a convenient place for storing your tripod when it isn’t in use.

If you wish you can also carry a laptop or tablet in this backpack alongside your camera and equipment thanks to the designated storage section. 

Designed with a padded hip belt and shoulder straps you can carry this backpack with comfort as the contents are evenly distributed along your body.

Impressively, the hip belt incorporates additional pockets that provide you with a convenient place to store small accessories if needed. The mesh design also allows the air to circulate your body preventing the buildup of any unwanted sweat and moisture.

  • The addition of a hip belt makes this backpack much easier to carry around.
  • Courtesy of the side panel you have a convenient place to store your tripod in between uses.
  • The padded compartments ensure that your belongings are protected when they are inside this bag.
  • Made using 100% nylon material, this is a high-quality backpack.
  • Designed with many storage compartments, this is a spacious backpack with plenty of room for storing accessories.
  • This backpack doesn’t have a waterproof cover which may be an issue for those who often find themselves hiking in adverse weather conditions.

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking – Buyers Guide

The market offers many different camera backpacks that are intended for hiking. However, some are going to be better quality and better suited to your needs than others.

There are several different factors and features that make a camera backpack worthy of your purchase. 

We have identified these below to guide you when purchasing your product.

The Size

The size of the backpack that you choose is of course going to depend on the size of the camera that you are intending to store inside.

It is important to assess the dimensions of your camera beforehand as this will give you a clear idea in regards to the size of the backpack that you require.

While your backpack needs to be big enough to store your camera, ideally you don't want it to be too big as this may make it inconvenient to carry as you embark on lengthier hikes.

The Weight

It is important to consider the weight of your camera and the weight that your backpack can hold. A backpack that is compatible with the weight of your camera will ensure that you can transport your camera and equipment with ease.

The weight of a backpack is typically measured in liters. Some can have a weight capacity as small as 15 liters while others can be larger with weight capacities of 40 liters. Of course, a larger camera backpack offers additional storage for accessories and equipment.


When hiking you may often encounter unexpected weather conditions and for this reason, it is important to select a backpack that has weather resistant qualities.

This will ensure that you are prepared for unpredictable weather conditions and the contents of your backpack are protected from unexpected downpours. 

The Comfort 

When it comes to selecting a camera backpack for hiking it is important to consider the comfort too. For many, hiking involves traveling by foot for prolonged periods and so the comfort of your backpack can make this a little easier.

You don't want to find yourself midway through a hike with a camera backpack that offers insufficient support. Padded shoulder straps are a particularly favorable design feature as they prevent the shoulder straps from digging into your shoulders.

A padded back section is also beneficial in providing an additional layer between your back and your camera equipment preventing it from pressing directly against your back which is likely to be uncomfortable.

The Material

The material that your camera backpack is made of is going to an important indicator regarding the quality. The most common materials used to create camera backpacks are nylon and polyester. Both possess durable qualities making them worthy contenders.

Nylon is particularly strong making it ideal for carrying heavier cameras and equipment.

Polyester is a lightweight option that is ideal for those who are likely to embark on lengthier hikes.

Both are going to cater to your needs particularly well so it is likely to depend on your personal preference and the material that you would prefer.

Additional Accessories

When browsing the market for your backpack it is important to account for the space that is going to be consumed by additional accessories and equipment.

This may be something as minimal as extra lenses or something more heftily sized like a laptop or tablet.

The Durability

For those that are regular hikers, you want to choose a backpack that is durably designed to withstand adverse weather and harsh conditions without becoming damaged easily.

A durable backpack is likely to see you through many uses as it is less likely to deteriorate in quality. 

Carry on Bag 

If your hikes often see you traveling to different parts of the world where air transport is required, it is important to select a backpack that meets the requirements approved for carry-on luggage.

Elsewise, there is a risk of your camera being stored alongside the main luggage and although it may not necessarily become damaged because of this, for peace of mind and more of a guarantee that it is safe from damage, it is worth opting for a bag that is carry on approved.

To do so, pay attention to the size of luggage that is deemed feasible for carry on luggage with your airline and then assess the dimensions of the backpack that you are looking to purchase.

Many manufacturers will state in the product specifications whether the backpack is suitable for carry on luggage. 

The Cost

The cost is an important consideration when deciding what product you are going to purchase. It is helpful to have a budget in mind to cater the search for your backpack towards your preferred price range.

It is important to ensure that you don't compromise the quality of your backpack for affordability, as this may ultimately mean that you end up replacing more immediately than what you would like.

When it comes to investing in a camera backpack for hiking, there is a variety on offer some which are rather heftily priced. However, the market offers many affordable options for those that are on a budget.

We have included a variety in our guide above to highlight the range of products that the market offers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a camera backpack?

Regardless of the journey that you are getting set to embark on with your camera whether this is a small hike or a lengthier expedition, it is recommended to invest in a camera backpack.

One that is specifically designed for cameras comes with designated compartments and plenty of storage for your camera and equipment which ensures that it is sufficiently protected against damage from the outdoors.

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