Photo Taco – LR Classic CC Update

Jeff’s Post-Retreat Workshop: https://www.jsharmonphotos.com/workshop

Jeff updated his Lightroom Classic CC status with version. 7.1 from “WAIT!” to “cautiously proceed”. He recommends backing up your catalog prior to updating and then checking out the new version at a point where you don’t have a huge client Jon to process and see how it works. He also found Classic to be about 25% faster with import and moving from Photo to Photo in the develop module!

Jeff also goes over his process for doing “Composite Portraits” which he will Be teaching and demonstrating at the upcoming Create Photography Retreat (https://createphotographyretreat.com). You can check out some examples of Composite Portraits by following Jeff on social media. find him on Instagram where He [email protected] or on Facebook he is harmon.jeff so you can do facebook.com/harmon.jeff.

Basic process:
1. Get model in front of a completely blown out white (not green) background by using two flashes on the background and two flashes on the model
2. Edit in Lr being careful to keep the background fully blown out
3. Take the photo into Ps and use luminosity masking to select just the model and then the brush tool in overlay mode to make sure all of the model is masked in and the background masked out. Clean up the layer mask with more believable edges using the Select and Mask workspace.

Resources mentioned:

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Improve Photography Episode 259: https://improvephotography.com/51407/ip-roundtable-ep-259/
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