Brevite: The Ultimate Travel and Commuter Backpack

The Roamer

As one who has traveled as a photographer many times over the past five years, I for one, know how important it is to have a camera messenger bag I know and love.  I was privileged enough to be chosen to try out The Roamer by Brevite.


This quality bag from a reputable maker is weather proof and fits in carry-on spaces for flights.  It is considered lightweight, weighing in at 2.5 ounces with the insert.  YKK zippers and a handy dandy magnetic clip that seal the top opening add to the quality of the design.  There is easy access the top compartment, which expands the pack from 16L to 20L Included in the design is a 15” laptop holder.  There is also another area that could easily stow an Ipad. The straps are durable, comfortable and adjust to a woman who stands a little over five feet.   It is a two-part bag that includes a backpack with an insert that fits easily inside.  There are many expandable (and some hidden) pockets that do a great job of allowing or conserving space for small gadgets like intervalometers, lens cloths, and more. 

The gear I used for this experiment included an Induro tripod, 15” laptop, a Nikon D610, a sigma 70-105 and a Tamron 70-200.  Since this was a short trip, I also had clothing and personal items to pack.

I found that once the insert is used for camera gear, the rest of the bag becomes an abyss for items to be dropped in.  There is no separation between the space in the bag and the insert.  Either one has to pack everything else in a separate bag that fits in the pack on top of the insert, or be willing to fight with items shifting as the insert is being opened and shut.  Furthermore, there are two zippers between my camera gear and me.  I first have to open the camera bag and then have to open the insert where the gear is.  When I’m in the field, I’m going to want to grab things on the fly.  

I will be traveling with the bag this weekend.  I will be using the backpack for my clothing and personal items, and carrying the insert apart from the bag.  (Although the sample bag does not include a strap for the insert, so I’m going to try to find one in the house to see if my idea works.)  The insert is a perfect size for a camera and an extra lens, and will be one of my two carry ons.

In conclusion, I will continue my search for the perfect camera bag to suit my needs.  While this is a great bag and of very high quality, I felt as though the bag was a little on the thin side, which concerned me as far as protecting my bulky gear.  As much as I admire the quality work of this product, I feel that this bag would be more suitable for a photographer who shoots mirrorless, due to the lighter weight and stature of the gear.

You can check out their options options and order from their website Brevite

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