IP Roundtable (EP-241)

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  • Top 10 Tips for Better Landscape Photography
    • Jim: When in doubt, wider and closer
    • Julian: Read landscape photography books for inspiration
    • Kirk: Print your work
      • Jim: AT HOME!  I’ve been printing WAY more since I got a good printer.
    • Jim: Develop a solid post-processing routine
    • Kirk: Enter art fairs
    • Julian: Submit your images to magazines / publications
    • Jim: Location, weather and light are the three ways to cheat on any landscape photo.
    • Kirk: Shoot in new/unfamiliar situations
    • Julian: Go on a workshop / attend the IP retreat

Midroll:  IP+

  • The Dark Side of Starting a Photography Business
    • Time
      • Jim: The worst thing you can do is to constantly change direction at every obstacle.  Pick a direction and blast at it.  SOOO many people right before the tipping point.
    • Goals
      • Jim: Make YOUR dream of what YOU want and don’t make it based on what you see others doing.  Then make tiny little goals to get there that you can control 100%.
    • Fear/Loneliness
      • Jim: So many times I’ve been banging my head on the wall with a problem and when you’re running your own business, that’s it.  It’s all on you.  There’s no one to delegate the tough problems to.
    • How can we take rejection better?
      • Jim: I’m making a “you’re an idiot” frame.  Lots of new entries this week.


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Doodads of the Week!

  • Jim: Rhino Slider? https://vimeo.com/222853116
  • Julian:  Nikon D850?
  • Kirk: Daystar Solar Filter
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