“How I Got The Shot” Millers Park Weding Photo (Photo Taco)

Jeff Harmon does a detailed “How I Got The Shot” (HIGTS) for the first portrait shot he felt like he created instead of just captured. It happened to be a wedding photo taken in the summer of 2017. He talks about how he actually had a sad ending to the story because the Lexar USB drive he was using to store photos for use on his MacBook Pro failed and took the original Raw files with it. Then he talks about the factors involved in making this photo different from the others he has done over the past 5 1/2 years since getting his first DLSR back in December 2011.

You can see the photo being talked about on the show at https://improvephotography.com/higtsmiller

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6 thoughts on ““How I Got The Shot” Millers Park Weding Photo (Photo Taco)”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    After listening to the show which you recommended the Lexar S45 I went and bought one. Guess what happened after about a month of usage… Exactly.
    Fortunately for me I lost only files I could bring from backup. I contacted Lexar (Mercury) and after few email exchange I sent them the broken one and got a new one instead.
    It’s connected now but as you can imagine I cannot trust it enough to put important files on it.
    I asked Lexar if there was something I could do different to prevent that physical damage (Like ejecting it or similar) but I didn’t get answer for it.
    I also tried few recovery programs which scanned for hours to days just to say nothing was found. It did sound like a perfect solution for the 256Gb SSD though 🙂

    1. Disappointing isn’t it? I have had a great experience with Lexar memory cards so I thought I could expect the same here. Sorry it failed on you too David.

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