Latitude (EP-11)

Topic 1: Photo Releases, both abroad and domestically

  1. I’m not a lawyer, so my info here is comes from what I’ve read myself and what I’ve done. Plus, I’m a stock shooter so I do have some practice working with my agent and their requirements.
  2. Abroad, Generally I don’t collect.
    Describe the nature of my work, primarily, fine art or editorial
  3. Domestically, Rarely, though I have two stories.
    Barn in Joseph, OR
    Crop Duster

Consent requirement for various nations:

Topic 2: TSA screening

PreCheck $85 for 5 years – $100 for Global

Announcements: Sigma 14 f/1.8 coming to the inventory.

Croatia trip coming along nicely, more details in the next episode.

Dream Destination of the week

Brian – Nat Geo Expeditions

Brent – Eynhallow, in the Orkney islands. A boat goes there once per year.


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  1. I just flew to Michigan from Portland Oregon at the beginning of August and took out my cameras and lenses and was told by the TSA agent that I actually didn’t have to take out cameras and lenses. Hope that helps.

  2. Just sent a note to TSA and they said we don’t have to remove lenses from bags going through screening, just cameras.


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